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Mobility Scooters: Reasons to Hire Now

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  • 25 November 2022

How do you know when it's time to move on from a walker or another mobility aid? Do you have to wait till you're a certain age, or develop a particular condition, before you hire a mobility scooter?

The reasons why our customers choose to hire a mobility scooter are vast and highly individual. There's not always a lightbulb moment, or an event where all signs point to scooter hire.

So how would you know when it's time for you to transition over to a mobility scooter? What would be the benefits if you did so?

Read on to discover why it might be time for you to enjoy the benefits of mobility scooter hire.

When & Why to Hire

1.    It's a Smooth Transition 

The jump from a walking stick to a scooter isn't as big as you'd think. Equally, mobility scooters aren't just for the elderly or those who have severe mobility issues. 

You shouldn't wait until your mobility is drastically compromised before you hire a mobility scooter. A lot of customers have issues with fatigue, joint pain and reduced lung capacity. 

If you have low energy, sore muscles or get out of breath easily, a scooter can make daily life more manageable.

A small but very effective transition is to a car boot scooter. If you have fair to good mobility, a car boot scooter is a brilliant way to optimise your daily routine. 

A scooter is a fuss free way to maintain your independence, regardless of your level of mobility. Make the switch now to upgrade to a better quality of life. 

2.    Scooters are User Friendly 

Do you worry about learning to drive a scooter? Do you feel nervous about driving one in public? 

Mobility scooters are exceptionally easy to drive, they are designed with the user in mind. Even better, you don't need to take a driving test before you use your scooter. 

Scooter technology is very simple. Most models use a stop-start mechanism and have a wide turning radius for an effortless drive. 

When you're out and about, LED screens will display your scooter’s vital stats. This is a good way to stay on top of speed and battery levels. 

To read more about other mobility scooter specs that make them so user-friendly, see here

See here for more driving tips. 

3.    On-road Benefits 

If you're a confident driver, but no longer use your car, then a mobility scooter is the next best thing. 

Class 3 mobility scooters are allowed to be driven on the roads. Driving these scooters along main roads is very similar to driving a small car. Just be aware that there are some do’s and dont’s and youll need to follow the highway code. 

If you live far from local amenities, or need to use roads to get from A-B, on-road scooters are ideal. On-road mobility scooters can reach speeds of up to 8mph. This is surprisingly fast but reassuringly safe for road travel. 

Scooters such as the TGA Supersport and the Kymco Maxi XLS not only act the part, they look it too. These scooters have been designed with motorbike lovers in mind, for that true on-road appeal. 

On road mobility scooters can usually tackle all types of terrains. This means that they'll be efficient at driving uphill or over uneven ground. 

For more information on the difference between on-road and off-road mobility scooters, see here.

4.    Size Matters

Does the size of a mobility scooter put you off hiring one? Do you worry you’ll be stuck with a clumpy, heavy machine? 

Mobility scooter design has come a long way in recent years. These days you have the option of hiring a lightweight, foldable scooter, as well as a heavy duty one. 

There is something to suit every lifestyle and every taste. Scooters vary in size, power and functionality. These factors determine how large or heavy a scooter can be. 

There are three main types of mobility scooter to consider, all with varying features and benefits: 

Car Boot Scooters - SMALL
●    Easily collapsed or dismantled into smaller pieces
●    Lightweight and compact 
●    Easy to store if you're tight on space
●    Widely accepted on public transport/in public spaces
●    Great for use around the home or running errands 
●    Maximum speed of 4mph 

For more information on car boot scooters see here.

4mph - 8mph Scooters - MEDIUM
●    Ideal for outdoor use in urban areas
●    Bigger batteries for a longer range 
●    Ideal if you spend most of your day in your scooter
●    Advanced safety mechanisms 
●    8mph models can be driven on roads 

All-Terrain Scooters - LARGE
●    Ideal for outdoor use 
●    Robust design to handle all terrains
●    Powerful batteries hold a single charge for longer
●    A longer range to keep you active from day to night 
●    Top speeds of 8mph allow for road use
●    Excellent suspension for optimum comfort 

Read more about the benefits of an all-terrain mobility scooter here.

5.    Peace of Mind

Over time your mobility may decrease, leading you to feel unbalanced and fear falling. If this is the case, traditional mobility aids won't cut it anymore. 

Upgrading to a mobility scooter will guarantee a much higher level of safety. Swapping a walking stick or frame for a sturdy, reliable mobility scooter can bring instant security and reassurance. 

Relax in your chair and enjoy long strolls with friends without the need to constantly stop for a rest. Go shopping without having to worry about how you'll carry your bags home. 

Rely less on others and relax in the knowledge that a mobility scooter will get you safely through your day. 

Read more about the safety benefits and the peace of mind that a mobility scooter can bring here

6.    Transportability 

Does limited mobility prevent you from using public transport? Do you worry that hiring a mobility scooter will make this even harder?

A car boot scooter is designed with travel in mind. These modern mobility scooters are made with aviation-grade materials that keep it lightweight and compact. 

Car boot scooters are easily dismantled into smaller pieces, or collapsed down into one neat unit. This makes them highly portable and extremely convenient. 

Car boot scooters are so well designed that you can even take them on holiday with you. See our guide on travelling with a mobility scooter here

The appeal of a car boot scooter extends to days out and nights away. Feel spontaneous again and enjoy an endless list of activities that you can experience with a car boot scooter. We have some great ideas to get you going, read here

7.    Flexible Finance 

Worried about the costs associated with mobility scooters? Did you know that hiring a scooter can be much more cost effective than buying one out right? 

Buying a mobility scooter outright is expensive. This is because scooters are highly sophisticated, powerful mobility aids. 

You can avoid high costs by opting to hire instead. Even better, the longer your rental period, the cheaper your monthly payments. 

This means that you can pick from high-end brands, such Kymco and TGA, at a fraction of their usual cost. Read more about how it works here, as well as the benefits of hiring an Easy Pay Mobility scooter here
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