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The Ultimate Guide: Car Boot Scooters

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  • 21 October 2022

A car boot scooter is user friendly, easy to transport and always stylishly designed. It's a fuss free mobility scooter that anyone can enjoy.

Customers love a car boot model as their introduction to the world of mobility scooters. It's a fantastic option if you're gently transitioning over from using other mobility aids. 

A car boot scooter offers both practicality and adventure. It's ideal for using around the home, but it's also a fantastic travel buddy. 

We can't recommend a car boot scooter enough if you're after a portable, convenient and great value option. 
Read on to discover:

1.    Who’s it for
2.    Main features
3.    Where to use it

Car Boot Scooters 101

1.    Who’s it for?

A car boot scooter is a great match for customers with mild to moderate mobility issues. If you have an adequate level of mobility, but could do with a little boost, a car boot scooter is ideal. 

You don't need to be fully dependent on a scooter to use one. A car boot scooter can support you in many scenarios.

Maybe everyday tasks, like hanging out the washing, are taking longer. Perhaps you've noticed that you struggle to keep up the pace when walking with friends. You might run out of steam quicker or find that you need to rest more often than before. 

The addition of a car boot scooter can be a very subtle one. This type of scooter is there to enhance and compliment everyday life - not complicate it. 

2.    Main Features 

Lightweight & Compact

The main advantage of a car boot scooter is its modern, compact design. These scooters are extremely popular because they are smaller, lighter and more convenient than traditional mobility scooters. 

If you're short of space, or limited on where you can store your scooter, a car boot model is a great solution. Car boot scooters are designed to fit into very small spaces. 

Within seconds you can fold or dismantle your scooter into smaller, manageable pieces. This will allow you to neatly store your scooter at home, or on public transport. 

This is also ideal when visiting public places, like a library or restaurant. Simply pop your folded scooter into a cupboard, behind a desk or even down a hallway.


A car boot scooter does exactly what it says on the tin. As the name suggests, car boot scooters are made to fit into the back of a vehicle with ease. 

A dismantled or folded down car boot scooter is compact and lightweight. For context, it will roughly take up the same amount of space as a pushchair would. On a train, a folded car boot scooter should fit snugly into the onboard luggage spaces. 

The portability of a car boot scooter can make it a more convenient model to travel with than a 4mph, 8mph or all-terrain mobility scooter.  

Some customers use their car boot mobility scooters exclusively for experiences and day trips. Thanks to the transportable nature of this scooter, it's suitable on all modes of transport, even aeroplanes.  

A car boot scooter is an accepted mobility aid on most airlines. You'll be able to fold it down and pop it in the hold, as you would a pushchair. 

If you choose a car boot scooter that is dismantled into smaller parts, always check the dimensions of the individual pieces. They are designed to be easy to lift but will require some level of mobility and strength to do so. 

Regain independence and spontaneity, thanks to the ability to take your car boot scooter anywhere you go. 

For more information about travelling with your mobility scooter see here. 


Enjoy the world beyond your front door from the moment you first use car boot scooter. This mobility scooter is one of the most widely accepted models when it comes to accessing public places. 

Shopping malls, cinemas and even tourist attractions are well equipped to welcome car boot mobility scooters. 

With a car boot scooter, you'll find it a lot easier to access public spaces and use facilities. The lightweight, narrow design of these scooters means that they can fit into a wheelchair spot. 

Wheelchair spots are fairly widespread. You should be able to find them in all public spaces, as well as many independent, private venues.

By law, public spaces must have fair, equal and easy access for all. Though what ‘accessible’ looks like will differ from place to place. Always check before you leave to ensure a stress free experience. 


Right now, keeping costs low has never been more important. Mobility scooters help to maintain your independence and keep you moving. 

Whilst costs to buy a new scooter outright can be sky-high, hiring a scooter is a fantastic, cost-effective alternative. 

A car boot scooter is the best value model for hire here at Easy Pay Mobility. It has the lowest hire price per week than any other type of mobility scooter. 

This makes it a great option if you're conscious of budget. Equally, if this is your first time using a mobility scooter, or you only need one intermittently, then a car boot scooter will be perfect for you. 

Even better, we stock car boot models from top scooter brands. This means that you can enjoy premium brands at great value hire fees. Experience the brilliant Kymco Mini LS, or the modern Pride GoGo Elite Traveller, from just £13.95 a week. 

Car boot scooters are low commitment, low cost and the perfect addition to any lifestyle. 

3.    Where to use it

A car boot scooter is commonly used around the home or for daily errands. Its slender frame makes it ideal for navigating narrow hallways and tight corners with ease. 

Likewise, using your car boot scooter locally in public places is very common. You'll find it easy to navigate shopping aisles and access lifts. 

Car boot scooters can be collapsed down into a small, more compact unit. This makes it easy to store temporarily when out and about. This is helpful during hospital appointments, at the pub or when visiting a friend. 

You can also use your car boot scooter on public transport. You can normally stay on your scooter and use the wheelchair space available. If you're able to get out of your car boot scooter, you might prefer to fold it down and place it in the luggage compartment onboard. 

Catch up with friends or catch a flight. With a car boot scooter you can do both.  

For more advice on where you can use your scooter see here.

If you need advice on whether a mobility scooter is for you, read our guide here, or contact us direct here.

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