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Do you really need a mobility scooter?

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  • 18 February 2022

Always wondered who can use a mobility scooter? Perhaps you’re curious as to when is a good time to get a scooter and where you can actually use one. Maybe you’re simply weighing up how much use you’d get out of one – let us help.

Every Easy Pay Mobility customer has their own unique reason for hiring a scooter. The decision is always based on your specific needs, lifestyle and personal preferences.  Scooter rental is a purse-friendly way to help you decide if the product is right for you. It also avoids any long-term commitments, in the case that you change your mind. 

Do any of these situations sound familiar?

If the answer is yes to one or more of the following circumstances, you may want to consider an Easy Pay Mobility scooter rental.

1. Your daily routine has become a daily chore

This is the most common reason why our customers decide to rent an Easy Pay Mobility scooter, separate to having a disability. When your mobility becomes limited, daily activities can become a struggle. Things that you wouldn’t normally think twice about can become harder or feel like a chore. Over time, what was once a quick trip for convenience, or a pleasant day out, can feel stressful and complicated.

Through enhanced mobility, scooters can bring freedom back into everyday life. Getting from A to B requires less planning and becomes hassle free. Carrying out daily tasks that have fallen by the wayside can become easy once again.

A scooter can help you to return to gardening, get the weekly shop in and ensure you never miss a social engagement with loved ones. At Easy Pay Mobility we have a huge catalogue of products to choose from. This means that whatever your circumstance, we will have a product that’s right for you.

2. You find yourself relying on others for simple tasks such as popping to the shops or visiting the GP

With reduced mobility comes increased reliance on others to support you in your day-to-day life. Simple tasks may now require a call beforehand to your loved ones, asking them for help and support.

We know that our family and friends don’t mind helping us out. However, it’s nice to be able to proudly tell them you’re ‘all sorted’ from time to time.

A mobility scooter allows you to regain your independence and rely on others much less. It also provides loved ones with peace of mind that you’re safe whilst out and about. Our customers love the confidence that owning a mobility scooter can bring and the way it helps them in regaining control over their lives.

3. You avoid social engagements or attend them less frequently than you’d like

Missing your weekly social clubs? Avoiding friends' birthday celebrations? Visiting the café less often? Reduced mobility or increased obstacles to mobility can dramatically impact your social life.

Relying on multiple modes of transport or being worried about whether you can find a seat upon arrival can provoke understandable anxiety. Concerns about travelling safely or with ease can prevent you leaving the house altogether.

Mobility scooters can take a load off your mind by minimising the logistics involved in attending a social event. With a scooter you can travel safely and quickly to your destination. Upon arrival you don’t have to worry about being comfortable during your stay. You won’t need to leave early and can enjoy your day or night out, hassle free. 

A mobility scooter can help you to establish a social life or resurrect an old one. It can connect you to the outside world and to family and friends, keeping your mind sharp and your spirits high.

4. You visit places or people who live slightly further away less and less

Sometimes mobility is not the issue, and in fact, it is stamina and endurance which is holding you back. A lot of our customers experience reduced lung capacity or function. This means that they can struggle to walk long distances without support. You may also worry about finding somewhere to sit down and rest momentarily. This worry can lead you to avoid going out altogether.

A mobility scooter can help you go further for longer. A scooter can greatly reduce the dilemmas and anxiety that surround leaving the house. What’s better, a scooter can even introduce a bit of speed into your life, allowing you to get to your destination quicker.

With a mobility scooter you don’t have to be restricted by who you can visit or where you want to go. You can go the extra mile and enjoy visiting your favourites places and people, just like you did before.

5. Using a walker, cane, or crutches is no longer helpful and you fear falling

A walking support can give you the confidence to carry on moving your body with limited intervention. Though efficient as a temporary measure, these supports aren’t always reliable. Overtime you may find that you are less sturdy on your feet, which can impact your confidence when out and about.

It can also be tricky to navigate uneven surfaces, cobbled streets or rough terrains with a walking support. With instability comes a natural fear of falling. We all know that falls can be a traumatic event and can hold you back from everyday life. 

Transitioning to a mobility scooter immediately takes away the fear of falling. The security that comes with moving around on a scooter is priceless. At Easy Pay Mobiliy we have a huge selection of models for you to pick from, depending on your needs and preference.

A variety of mobility scooter sizes and speeds means that you can take to the great outdoors or even just the pavement with ease, agility and confidence. We have so many modesl to choose from, check out our full range here.

6. Your health issues impair your mobility

This can be due to an injury, a medical condition or physical impairment. A mobility scooter acts as an extension of your own body, improving your ability to move smoothly and easily throughout daily life.

If you need to remain seated for most of the day or have a condition that causes fatigue, then a scooter can provide unparalleled support. A mobility scooter is also a fantastic option if you need to conserve energy or find that you struggle to walk for extended periods of time.

Pain is a huge factor when considering the need for a mobility scooter. Pain can be truly debilitating and prevent you from meeting up with loved ones or going out at all. Conditions that cause constant joint pain, such as rheumatoid arthritis, can really benefit from the support of a scooter.

Mobility scooters aren’t just for those who want to travel safely whilst out and about. You may just need a scooter to help you get around your home easier. At Easy Pay Mobility we have plenty of lightweight, nimble models that are cleverly designed to fit around the home. Tight corners and narrow hallways are easy obstacles to overcome with a car boot or 4mph mobility scooter.

Still not sure? Our team of experts are on hand to help you make your decision and advise on a package to suit you. Even better, we have a fuss-free money back guarantee should you change your mind after hiring an Easy Pay Mobility scooter. We offer a 2-week cooling-off period once your scooter is delivered. We will even collect your product at no extra cost before returning your money in full. Read all about how it works here.