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Spotlight on: All-Terrain Scooters

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  • 02 September 2022

Mobility scooters can make a huge and immediate difference to your movement and your independence. As a mobility aid they are effective, powerful vehicles, with life changing benefits. 

There are many different types of mobility scooters. These include:

-    Car boot scooters 
-    4mph scooters
-    6-8mph scooters 
-    All-terrain scooters 

Though there are many options, a long-standing customer favourite has to be the all-terrain mobility scooter. These models are the elite choice when it comes to choosing the ultimate mobility scooter.

Customers choose an all-terrain mobility scooter for their power, speed, safety and comfort. 

Read on to learn all about the benefits of an all-terrain mobility scooter and which ones we recommend. 

All-Terrain Mobility Scooters 

An all-terrain mobility scooter is the perfect choice for those who enjoy adventure and living life to the full. 

Modern engineering and high-spec features make these scooters the vehicle of choice for outgoing, active customers. 

Explore Wide 

Bumpy boardwalks along the coast? Steep uphill climbs to town? Muddy, uneven, gravelled pathways surrounding your home? 

All-terrain mobility scooters are built to tackle all these landscapes. Powerful batteries, high ground clearance and large, robust tyres offer durability and stability. 

Even better, all-terrain mobility scooters are usually fitted with high quality, all-around suspension. Coupled with a wide and luxurious captain's seat, this means that even the bumpiest of routes is smooth sailing. 

Explore Far

All terrain mobility scooters are designed with long journeys in mind. They are fitted with larger batteries that allow them to travel further for longer. This makes them a great choice if you frequently visit loved ones who live further away. 

A long range also means that a single charge can last you a lot longer than most other mobility scooters. If you've powered your batteries overnight, you can confidently spend most of the day out and about on your scooter.

Read more about scooter batteries and how to get the most out of them here.

Get On the Road 

The main reason why many customers choose an all-terrain mobility scooter is road travel. As a class 3 mobility scooter, these models are allowed to be driven along main roads and low speed dual carriageways. 

All-terrain mobility scooters normally have a top speed of 8mph. Once you're in the driving seat, you'll realise how much faster this feels than it sounds!

If you're using your scooter on the roads alongside cars you'll need to keep your amber lights flashing at all times. You will also need to follow the highway code. 

Read more driving tips and advice here.

As with any road approved vehicle, an all-terrain mobility scooter is fitted with appropriate safety mechanisms as standard. These can include:

-    Indicators & horn
-    Hazard warning lights
-    Front and rear lights 
-    Advanced braking systems
-    Rearview mirrors 

When using your all-terrain mobility scooter in pedestrianised areas, it's important to maintain good driving etiquette. Make use of mirrors and horns to avoid obstacles and ensure a clear route. 

You'll also need to reduce your speed to a maximum of 4mph. This is still much faster than a walking pedestrian, so always stay alert to keep you and those around you safe. 

Hiring a class 3, road safe mobility scooter is a smart, practical option if you live off the beaten track. It’s also a good choice for customers who need to transition off and onto the road to reach local amenities.
The flexibility to drive both on-road and off-road is a fantastic benefit of all-terrain mobility scooters. Read more about on-road versus off-road scooters here. 

Best Selling Models 

All-terrain mobility scooters are the superior choice when it comes to mobility aids. They work harder for longer and come with plenty of clever, stylish features. 

Premium style and innovative technology usually come with a high price tag. However, here at Easy Pay Mobility we believe that everyone should have access to high quality mobility products. 

This means that whilst an all-terrain mobility scooter may cost a lot to buy, we make sure it's a fraction of the price to hire. Even better, the longer your hire period the cheaper your monthly payments will be. 

As an Easy Pay Mobility customer you can indulge in a top of the range, all-terrain scooter without the hefty financial burden of owning one.  

Here are some of our favourite all-terrain mobility scooters.

Galaxy 2 
From £19.95/week 

The Galaxy 2 is one of our most stylish, yet most affordable all-terrain mobility scooters. From as little as £19.95 a week you can enjoy a powerful motor, modern design, and long-lasting comfort.

We love the compact yet sturdy frame of the Galaxy 2. Enjoy a smooth ride across a variety of terrains, with top speeds of 8mph. 

With a powerful range of up to 32miles on a single charge, you can travel far and wide on this little rocket. Even better, you can take your pick from four metallic finishes, for a stylish scooter you’ll be proud to drive. 

Kymco Maxi XLS 
From £18.95/week  

Kymco scooters guarantee high performance, prioritise comfort and always add a touch of luxury along the way. 

The Kymco Maxi XLS is of no exception and is one of the most popular all-terrain mobility scooters. 

Designed to accommodate customers of all shapes and sizes, this scooter is made with the user in mind. 

All around suspension and adjustable features ensure a smooth and comfortable ride. Excellent manoeuvrability and an impressive range of up to 35miles on a single charge allows you to take this scooter almost anywhere. 

TGA Breeze S4
From £26.95/week

Arguably the world’s favourite scooter, the Breeze S4 is the jewel in the crown of TGA scooters. 

Made to accommodate customers of all shapes, sizes and mobility needs, this really is a scooter for everyone. 

World class engineering and considerate ergonomic design are what make the Breeze S4 so special and so loved. 

No journey is off limits with the Breeze S4. A long range allows you to travel further for longer. Exceptional suspension and sturdy tyres let you cross any terrain with ease. 

Premium features include a luxurious captain's chair, user-friendly LCD dashboard and a lockable top box. These subtle details make the Breeze S4 so brilliantly compatible with everyday life.

All-terrain mobility scooters are larger in size and heavier in weight. This means that they are not as easy to transport as a 4mph or car boot mobility scooter. Always check the scooter specifications listed on our website when considering which model is the right hire for you. 

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