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Uplifting Activities With Your Mobility Scooter

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  • 09 December 2022

You don't have to leave the comfort of your mobility scooter to get involved in activities that uplift you physically, as well as mentally. 

From gentle exercise to a spot of baking, there are many creative ways to keep your mind sharp and your body moving. 

Finding an accessible, uplifting activity or hobby can have many benefits, including:

-    Reduced stress & anxiety 
-    Improved productivity 
-    Increased self confidence 
-    Community & socialising 
-    Improved flexibility & reduced stiffness 
-    Establishing a routine & sense of purpose 

Read on to discover uplifting activities that you can enjoy, without ever having to leave your mobility scooter. 

5 Uplifting Activities for Scooter Users 

1.    Gardening

Come rain or shine, regular gardening has been shown to have benefits for both your mind and your body. 

Gardening can bring about a sense of purpose and pride. It is also known to significantly reduce stress and improve general well-being.

This popular hobby can also have benefits for your overall mobility and flexibility. Gardening is acknowledged as a form of exercise. You'll be surprised by how active this hobby can be, even whilst sitting in your scooter chair. 

Gardening can be easily adapted to make it suitable for all levels of mobility. Some helpful tips include growing low maintenance plants, working from raised beds and using adapted tools. 

Lots of mobility scooters are appropriate for outdoor use. If you have a car boot or a 4mph mobility scooter, we always recommend gardening somewhere with a clear, flat path. This will keep your scooter balanced and your tyres free from any debris that could become trapped. 

If you have an 8mph or an all-terrain mobility scooter, you can work on rougher, uneven ground. These scooters are excellent at overcoming gravel or mud.

Take advantage of your scooter’s swivel seat to make more space. If your mobility scooter has a detachable basket, you can use this to store gardening tools or the fruits of your labour!   

2.    Gentle Exercise

Did you know that exercise has both physical and mental health benefits? Even just a few minutes of gentle, daily movement can have long lasting and far-reaching benefits.  

Gentle exercise can take on many forms. It could mean a short dumbbell session with a pal, or some solo stretches at home. 

Regular movement encourages flexibility and improves muscle strength. This has protective effects, reducing the overall likelihood of injury or falling. This does wonders for your confidence and can make you more sociable and happier.

Exercise also has benefits for the mind. The routine that comes with daily exercise will add structure and purpose to your day. 

Depending on your level of mobility, you can perform different movements in or out of your mobility scooter. A lot of scooters have adjustable chairs, tillers and arm/headrests. Adapting your position can free up space and make it easier to find a comfortable position to exercise in.

You'll have plenty of space on a car boot scooter, which is also easily modified to suit your exercises. Likewise, a 4mph scooter can easily be adapted to help you perform stretches or lift dumbbells with ease.

See our guide on keeping fit with your mobility scooter here.

3.    Get Baking 

Baking has gone mainstream in recent years. Shows like the Great British Bake Off have inspired the nation to don an apron and dig out the scales. 

There are lots of reasons to get baking and it's never too late to start. Baking allows you to be creative and to learn a new skill. 

Following a recipe is key - with baking it's all about precision! Following a recipe encourages focus and concentration, keeping your brain active and engaged. 

The methodical process of baking is also known to have mood boosting benefits. Whether it's a Victoria sponge or a pavlova, baking can reduce stress and help you relax. 

A lot of customers use a car boot scooter to move around their home. This is also a fantastic option for baking. A car boot scooter has a narrow frame and adjustable features to help you manoeuvre the kitchen.

If you have sore joints or weak limbs, you can still rustle up a baked delight. Modern day kitchen tools can do the hard work for you. Gadgets such as a stand mixer can make kneading and whipping an effortless process. 

4.    Pick up your Smartphone 

If your mobility is restricted and you find yourself spending a lot more time in your scooter than out of it, reach for your phone. 

Your smartphone can be the key to unlocking hundreds of uplifting activities. Apps for music, reading and meditation are widespread and easy to use. 

Listening to music can instantly boost your mood. We love curating playlists to suit different activities or times of the day. Try something upbeat for the morning, or mellow for the afternoon. 

Your smartphone can stream audio books too. If your eyesight isn't what it used to be, you might enjoy listening to an audio book instead. 

We all know that a great book can help you escape from everyday life. Get lost in the stories of faraway lands, or be inspired by the stories of our best loved celebrities.  

Mindfulness and meditation are two other uplifting activities that can be accessed via your smartphone. These practices can help you de-stress, be more positive and even support a good night's sleep.

5.    Get Crafty 

Express your creativity and enjoy a sense of freedom through drawing, painting and crafts. 

You don't need to be a gifted artist to enjoy the benefits of arts and crafts. The simple act of colouring-in is actually a well-known form of mindfulness. This activity has been shown to quiet a restless mind and bring about a sense of calm.

If your scooter has a swivel seat, turn it 90 degrees so you can easily join a table. This way you can sketch, paint or doodle from the comfort of your mobility scooter. 

Another craft worth experimenting with is knitting and crochet. Not just for your grandma, this pastime has been made popular by celebrities taking up the practice during lock down. 

Knitting and crochet has been shown to increase cognition, soothe anxiety and improve overall mood. Other brain boosting benefits include increased productivity and having a sense of purpose. 

You don't need to leave your mobility scooter to take up this hobby. You can even use the basket attached to the front of your scooter to store your needles and yarn. Enjoy creating blankets, beanie hats and jumpers galore. 

Feeling inspired to try something new and relaxing? See our guide on stress free activities with your mobility scooter here