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Keeping Active With a Mobility Scooter

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  • 28 October 2022

You don't need to go to the gym or sign up for a marathon to stay active. Stretches, strolls and group activities are just as beneficial for maintaining good physical and mental health. 

Limited mobility won't hold you back from enjoying the benefits of staying active. Even those with mobility scooters are more than capable of working up a sweat and getting those endorphins flowing. 

There are many creative ways to stay active in your mobility scooter. From seated leg lifts to relaxing stretches, the options are vast.

Our top tip for keeping active? Keep it fun. You'll be more likely to stick to something that brings you joy - you might even make some new friends along the way!

Read on to discover how you can stay active, even with your mobility scooter in tow.  

Disclaimer: always speak to your GP before undertaking any new form of activity or exercise. This will keep you safe and prevent any risk of injury. If at any point you feel pain during an activity, stop immediately and consult a medical professional. 

Keeping Active: Our Tips

An Overview

Staying active benefits both your body and your mind. Daily exercise can:

-    Keep muscles strong and engaged
-    Reduce the risk of falls or injuries 
-    Keep you flexible 
-    Prevent sores, pressure ulcers or stiffness 
-    Promote better sleep

-    Improve brain function 
-    Support your mood and reduce stress 
-    Boost energy levels for the day ahead
-    Help you maintain independence   
-    Bring about a sense of routine, purpose and fulfillment 

You don't need to leave your mobility scooter to stay active. Many movements can be safely performed whilst sitting in your chair. 

Don’t forget to stay safe. Always check that your scooter is turned off with the key removed before beginning any routine.

Which Mobility Scooter is Best?

Whether you decide to exercise on or off your scooter will depend on:

1.    Your level of mobility 
2.    The type of movement/activity 

Most mobility scooters can be adapted to help you safely enjoy activities and exercise. From swivel seats to adjustable armrests, there are many ways to increase space and improve comfort.

Car Boot Scooters 

The simple design of a car boot scooter means that you'll have plenty of space to move your body freely. 

It's also a great option if you plan to conduct exercise, or take part in an activity, outside of your scooter. 

4mph or 8mph Scooters

4mph or 8mph scooters are reassuringly sturdy. They are larger, heavier scooters that will provide a decent anchor for any movement. 

Most of these scooters are fitted with swivel seats, so you can rotate your position to have more space if needs be. 

All-Terrain Scooters

All-terrain mobility scooters are designed with outdoor activities in mind. These are great options for customers who love to explore. 

All-terrain mobility scooters are perfect for in-seat activities based outdoors, such as rambling. They are also ideal if you simply want to enjoy a dose of fresh air. 

Alternative Scooters

Love keeping active by the sea? A growing number of UK beaches are investing in beach friendly mobility aids. 

Beaches like Whitley Bay in Newcastle offer ‘hippocampes’ for hire. These all-terrain mobility scooters have been specially designed to tackle sand and water. 

Enjoy a stroll along the shore or take a dip in the sea with a beach ready mobility scooter. Read more about Whitley Bay and other accessible beaches here.

In-Chair Exercises 

Chair based exercise is a fantastic, safe way to maintain mobility and strength. It will also improve your posture and prevent body sores and back pain. 

Before conducting any exercise check that:

-    You have enough space to stretch out, obstacle-free
-    Your scooter is turned off and the key is removed
-    The exercise is safe and within your capabilities 
-    You have some water nearby to stay hydrated 

A few minutes of stretching is a great way to kickstart your day. Stretching will boost circulation and awaken your muscles. 

Start from the top of your body and work your way down:

-    Take slow and controlled shoulder rolls
-    Slowly drop your ears to your shoulders, one by one, to stretch your neck
-    Curl and uncurl your fingers and circle your wrists to stretch out hands 
-    Point your toes and rotate from your ankles to relieve any stiffness 

Lower Body

Mobility scooters can take the pressure off painful lower joints. They also provide respite and rest for legs. 

If you rely heavily on your mobility scooter, naturally you’ll not be using your legs much. Keeping your lower body active can be protective against the weakening or wasting of muscles. 

Exercises can include leg lifts, ankle rotations and heel lifts. These are simple movements that can be conducted from the comfort of your mobility scooter. 

Upper Body

Upper body exercises are some of the easiest forms of movement to perform whilst sitting in your mobility scooter. You can do them with or without weights. 

Investing in a light pair of dumbbells won't cost the earth and is a great way to maintain upper body strength. Simple movements, such as bicep curls and shoulder press, are easy and effective. 

Another purse friendly option for in-chair exercise is a resistance band. This stretchy band can help to strengthen joints and muscles. It's a versatile and very accessible piece of equipment.

Our tips:

●    Always start slow and low
●    Choose a low impact activity that is gentle on your body
●    Go at your own pace
●    Make sure that you are comfortable before increasing reps or weights

Over time your confidence will increase and you may want to try some more challenging routines. 

Remember: Make sure the movement is suitable for any pre-existing medical conditions. If unsure, always check with your GP first. 

Body & Mind

A huge benefit of hiring a mobility scooter is being able to enjoy the great outdoors again. Getting outside for a few minutes every day can benefit your mind and greatly improve your mood. 

Fresh air, taking in your surroundings, enjoying the sunrise and sunset. These activities don't exactly work up a sweat, but they will keep your mind calm and engaged.  

Getting outside can also keep you connected to your community. Social interaction is another brain boosting activity and fundamental to a long, happy life.

We have some great suggestions for accessible outdoor trails here

See here for stress free activities that you can enjoy with your mobility scooter in tow. 


From the NHS to Youtube videos, there are plenty of ways to get going. Even better, accessing inclusive activities and exercise routines - online or in person - are usually free of charge.

NHS UK provides examples of exercises that you can do whilst sitting in your mobility scooter. See here for instructions and imagery. 

Activity Alliance has compiled a list of brilliant resources to help you stay active. This includes a search engine for local events and inclusive gyms near you. Find out more here.

Scope are a brilliant source of information when it comes to keeping active. They share lots of resources to help you access activities. 

Scope also offers practical advice on ways to adapt a sport or an exercise to best suit your level of mobility. See here for more information.

For more inspiration on how to keep active with reduced mobility, or with a specific, long-term health condition, see We Are Undefeatable