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The Ultimate Guide: 4mph Scooters

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  • 02 February 2023

Want to hire a mobility scooter, but don't know where to start? With so many options available, choosing the right scooter can sometimes feel overwhelming. 

A good place to start your mobility scooter experience is with a 4mph model. These scooters are straightforward to use and very easy to maintain. 

These scooters are firm customer favourites because they’ll fit into your everyday life seamlessly. 4mph scooters are reliable, efficient and always look great. 

Want more than a car boot scooter can offer, but with less of the features and design of an 8mph or all-terrain model? Then a 4mph mobility scooter is for you. 

Here we explain:

1.    Who’s it for?
2.    Main features
3.    Where to use it 

Restore or elevate your mobility and enjoy independence once again with a 4mph scooter. Read on to discover the benefits of this hugely popular model. 

4mph Mobility Scooters 101

A 4mph mobility scooter is a fantastic all-rounder that works around you and your lifestyle. It's the perfect shopping companion, travel buddy and everyday support. Take it to the shops, or enjoy a staycation or holiday with your scooter in tow. 

1.    Who’s it for?

If you notice that your mobility isn’t what it used to be, you may need a 4mph scooter. This could look like restricted flexibility or reduced stamina.  

Equally, you might have an adequate level of mobility to maintain some independence, but pain or stiffness are holding you back. 

This may be the first time that you've struggled with getting around. You might find yourself relying on others for help with everyday tasks. You might even avoid going out all together. 

A 4mph mobility scooter can be handy if:

●    Regular journeys take longer than usual
●    You need to take regular breaks or sit down more frequently
●    Pain or stiffness limits your movement 
●    Reduced lung capacity makes regular movement exhausting
●    Daily errands or chores become challenging 
●    You no longer feel stable with a walking stick or frame

Having a mobility scooter allows you to get back outside and continue living your life. Enjoy your social life, rely less on others and rediscover your independence and freedom. All with a 4mph mobility scooter. 

2.    Main Features 


A 4mph mobility scooter offers power as well as practicality. This model tends to be larger than a car boot scooter, but smaller than an all-terrain model. 

A 4mph scooter has a compact frame and small, but powerful, batteries. These features result in a much lighter weight, compared to an 8mph or all-terrain model. 

You will find this scooter easier to load into a wheelchair accessible vehicle. It’s also much more widely accepted on certain modes of public transport and in public spaces. 


The neat design of a 4mph scooter means that it can be taken on everyday trips and journeys. These include GP appointments, seeing friends and family, or popping to the shops.

They're also easy to use in and around your home. This type of scooter will usually be fitted with a tight turning circle and a narrow frame. These features will allow you to navigate tricky spaces with ease. 

The Shoprider Sovereign 4 is the ultimate shopping companion. This stylish scooter is designed with a compact frame that keeps it looking neat and tidy. A narrow design lets you whiz around shops and local amenities with ease.  

The Sovereign 4 is also fitted with an impressive turning radius. This type of practical engineering will make manoeuvring even the tightest of spaces a doddle. Cruise around shopping aisles, or squeeze into a small parking space, without breaking a sweat. 


A 4mph mobility scooter has been designed to feel reassuringly secure and robust. Scooters in this category are fitted with larger batteries and wheels than that of a car boot model. These features lend to an overall feeling of safety and sturdiness. 

Larger batteries will also allow a 4mph mobility scooter to travel further for longer. These scooters tend to have a larger range than that of a car boot model. This means that you can do more, see more and enjoy more of your day.  

Both the Shoprider Sovereign 4 and the Invacare Leo can travel an impressive 20 miles on a single charge. Leave your home without having to worry about rushing back early from the shops, or cutting a coffee morning short, just to recharge your scooter batteries.


One of the main benefits of a 4mph mobility scooter is its incredible value. At Easy Pay Mobility, we price our hire packages in a way that allows you to get more for less. This means that you can enjoy a top-quality machine at an affordable, realistic price.
If you're after a stylish scooter on a modest budget, Invacare’s Leo could be for you. From just £14.95 a week, you can enjoy the perks of modern mobility scooter engineering. 

The Leo can also travel up to 20 miles on a single charge. Even better, it has a fully adjustable driving position for a safe, comfortable experience.

3.    Where to use it

A 4mph mobility scooter is great for at-home use. These scooters are usually designed with a nimble and compact frame. This allows you to move around your home with ease. 

If your garden has a levelled, flat pathway, bring your scooter outside for a dose of vitamin D. A 4mph scooter will usually have space for a large basket, where you can store gardening tools. 

Most 4mph scooters also have a swivel chair. This will help you to adjust your position and stretch to those hard-to-reach magnolias! 

Adjustable chairs and hand/headrests are also ideal if you’d like to keep up an exercise routine. A 4mph scooter can be adjusted into a safe sitting position, to perform light movement or stretch work. 

We have lots of advice on how to keep active with a mobility scooter. See here for more information. 

A tight turning circle and a narrow frame will help you navigate shopping aisles - and the crowds! Whether it's a supermarket aisle or a shopping mall lift, you can manoeuvre tight spaces with ease.

A 4mph mobility scooter is made for the pavements. This scooter’s top speed of 4mph is in line with the maximum permitted on a pavement. 

British pavements are notoriously bumpy, but luckily a 4mph mobility scooter is usually fitted with suspension. Suspension soaks up bumps and jolts. A smooth ride makes for a comfortable and confident ride. 

For our top tips on driving your 4mph mobility scooter, including differences between on road and off road, see here.

Still not sure if you need a mobility scooter? Read here for some friendly advice.

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