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The Ultimate Guide: 8mph Scooters

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  • 20 January 2023

Want a mobility scooter that you can rely on for power, comfort, safety and adventure? Then an 8mph model is for you. 

This category of mobility scooter is a long-time customer favourite. It's also one of our most popular models for hire. Think of an 8mph scooter as a more luxurious, powerful alternative to a car boot or a 4mph scooter. 

More than just a mobility scooter, an 8mph model can be an extension of your freedom and adventure. Learn everything you need to know about 8mph mobility scooters, including:

1.    Who’s it for
2.    Main features 
3.    Where to use it 

8mph Mobility Scooters 101

An 8mph mobility scooter is a fantastic all-around option. Scooters in this category are extremely hardworking and always go the extra mile - quite literally! Read on to see if an 8mph mobility scooter is for you. 

1.    Who’s it for? 

An 8mph mobility scooter is for active users who drive their scooter far and wide, every single day. 

This scooter category is a great option if you're a social butterfly, work regularly or frequently travel long distances. If you value your freedom and independence, you will get a lot of use and satisfaction from an 8mph scooter.  

An 8mph model is ideal if you rely on your mobility scooter from day to night. Long stretches in your scooter require a reliable motor and supreme comfort. This scooter delivers on both fronts. 

If you miss driving your car, or if you live far from local amenities, this type of scooter is for you. An 8mph scooter is road safe and can handle changing terrains and gradients. This also makes it the perfect companion for adventurous customers who love to explore the great outdoors.

An 8mph mobility scooter is one of the most inclusive models on the market. Being a larger scooter, it has a greater weight carrying capacity than that of a smaller model. This allows it to accommodate a heavier customer, or those who need or like extra space.

2.    Main Features 


The most obvious feature of an 8mph scooter is its impressive speed. 8mph is the maximum speed that any mobility scooter can travel at. It's as quick as a runner's pace - which is surprisingly fast! 

Large batteries enable these scooters to travel at top speeds. This also allows you to travel further for longer on a single charge. 

A scooter such as the Kymco Maxi XLS can travel up to 35miles. This, while carrying a customer weighing up to 31 stone, make for truly impressive engineering!

Safe & Reliable 

As a class 3 mobility scooter, an 8mph model is road legal. Having a road legal status requires scooters to be fitted with non-negotiable safety features. These include:

●    Front and back lights
●    Reflectors 
●    Indicators 
●    Full braking system 
●    Horn
●    Mirrors
●    All round suspension 

Enjoy the security that comes with all around suspension. This feature keeps you balanced and stable. Suspension soaks up impact from jolts and bumps for a smooth, enjoyable ride. 

Premium Specs

An 8mph mobility scooter usually comes with extra features. You can expect the likes of USB docks, lockable boxes, and canopies for an elite scooter experience. 

Invacare’s Orion Pro 4W is the ultimate modern mobility scooter. Customers can enjoy an easy-to-use LED screen that displays the scooter’s vital metrics. Stay on top of battery power, speed, time and even temperature. Read more about Invacare mobility scooters here

For the ultimate premium 8mph scooter, we can't recommend the TGA Supersport enough. This scooter is unrivalled in design and style, taking inspiration from classic motorbikes. 

Beyond modern aesthetics, the Supersport is a practical scooter. At the rear you'll find a neatly fitted, generous storage unit.


Comfort is king with an 8mph mobility scooter. These scooters are designed to carry you from day to night, so comfort is always prioritised.

Chairs are large, padded and fully adjustable. You can also expect generous legroom and smart storage solutions for personal belongings. 

Comfort and technology are combined for the ultimate user experience with the Rascal Vecta Sport. This scooter allows you to create a bespoke driving position, via a fully adjustable tiller and swivel chair. 

Stretch out thanks to a spacious footwell. The Vecta Sport is even fitted with a handy USB port, so you can charge your phone or plug in GPS on the go.

3.    Where to use it 


An 8mph mobility scooter is a versatile option for those who need to use main roads, as well as the pavements. The flexibility of where you can use this scooter is helpful if you live out of town or far from local amenities, family or friends. 

Some of the most popular road legal, 8mph mobility scooters come from the TGA Brand. Scooters from the TGA Breeze family are extremely efficient for on road travel. Learn more about the benefits of TGA mobility scooters here.

You'll need to have good eyesight and follow the highway code to use your 8mph scooter on the road. There are some legalities to be aware of, including roads where scooters are not permitted access. You can remind yourself of the finer details here.


Public spaces, including shopping centres, can be accessed with an 8mph mobility scooter. You'll need to reduce your speed to 4mph, but a lot of 8mph scooters will have a built-in mechanism to make this a smooth transition. 

Though these scooters are heavy duty, most have been designed with compact frames to support 360 manoeuvrability. Highly efficient turning circles contribute to easy navigation down shopping aisles and in tighter spaces. 

You'll can also enjoy plenty of space onboard your scooter to keep your purchases safe. These scooters vary from having a front fitted basket to a lockable, top box on the back.

The Shoprider Cadiz is the ideal shopping buddy. This stylish scooter has a 2-speed switch, to help you transition from road to pavement with ease. It also comes with a large front basket to store your shopping. 

All Terrain

If you live near coastal walks, trails or nature parks, an 8mph scooter can be the perfect companion. 

Some 8mph scooters are supercharged to take on rougher, tougher terrains. Slopes and hills are much easier to overcome with an 8mph mobility scooter. 

The Galaxy Roadmaster Plus 4 combines high speeds with agility, power and resilience. This mobility scooter is fantastic for outdoor use. Powerful batteries, tough wheels and a higher ground clearance will allow you to tackle a range of terrains.  

For more advice on where you can use your 8mph mobility scooter see here.

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