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Spotlight on: TGA scooters

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  • 22 July 2022

Reduced mobility shouldn't mean giving up the things that bring you happiness and fulfilment. With a mobility scooter you can carry on enjoying all that life has to offer. 

Once you've decided to hire an Easy Pay Mobility scooter, the next question is which model to pick. Though we stock many amazing brands, TGA mobility scooters are some of our most in demand models. 

From the iconic TGA Breeze, to the undeniably stylish TGA Supersport, there really is something for everyone. Here we give you the low-down on three of our favourite TGA mobility scooters.

Need to know: TGA Scooters 

TGA’s reputation is second to none. The Suffolk based company is known globally as the home of exceptionally built mobility scooters. TGA is an award-winning brand that prioritises comfort, quality and reliability.

When you hire a TGA mobility scooter, you can expect more than just world-class design. TGA are leaders in innovation and technology. TGA mobility scooters are safe, reliable and built to last, making them a true customer favourite. 

TGA Breeze Midi 4

Why we love it 

The TGA Midi 4 is a more compact version of the larger, hugely popular TGA Breeze S4. Small but mighty, this powerful and agile mobility scooter offers stability, performance and comfort. 

With the Midi 4 you can enjoy the best bits of the Breeze S4 but with a lighter, more nimble frame. Intelligent engineering makes manoeuvring the Midi 4 around tight corners or into parking spaces a doddle.

Comfort definitely isn't compensated for on the Midi 4. Enjoy a smooth ride on this mobility scooter thanks to energy absorbing front and rear bumpers and all-round suspension. 

Plenty of legroom and a large captain's chair keep you comfortable all day long. Even better, an adjustable tiller and swivel seat let you customise your driving position. 

As a class 3 mobility scooter, the TGA Midi 4 is road approved. Enjoy top speeds of 8mph on-road and 4mph off-road. 

A high-tech safety system has been built into the Midi 4 to ensure a confident, safe drive.  This includes a disc braking system, all around lights, indicators and two mirrors. 

Where to use it 

The Midi 4 is your ideal shopping companion. Its compact frame makes it ideal for navigating supermarket aisles and town centres.

Thanks to its class 3 specification, the TGA Midi 4 can also be used outdoors and on roads that have a maximum speed limit of 50mph. 

Explore the great outdoors on your Midi 4, as a single charge provides a range of up to 22miles. 

TGA Breeze S3

Why we love it 

The TGA Breeze S3 enjoys all the benefits of the popular Breeze S4, on less wheels and with more personality. 

The Breeze S3 has all the hallmarks of a powerful TGA model, built within a stylish, three-wheeled design. Paired with an agile, compact frame, three wheels offer impressive manoeuvrability.

All-terrain driving is a dream on the Breeze S3. Superior suspension and shock absorbers smooth over rough and uneven trails.

As a class 3 mobility scooter, the Breeze S3 is road compatible. Large batteries provide an impressive range of 32miles with just one charge. 

Feel confident on your travels thanks to the Breeze S3’s onboard, advanced safety system. Powerful LED lights, mirrors and dual braking systems are installed in the front and rear of this mobility scooter. 

Comfort is taken just as seriously with the TGA Breeze S3. The tiler features an ergonomic design that is easily adjusted to your ideal height. Settle into a luxurious captain's seat that is easily adjusted for total support and day-long comfort.

Where to use it 

This scooter is ideal for sociable, busy customers. Perfectly suited to urban environments, the Breeze S3 is great for shopping trips, GP appointments or simply running errands.

With top speeds of 8mph, you can take the Breeze S3 onto roads. This is a great option if you travel regularly, or you live far from local amenities. Transition smoothly back onto the pavement with a higher curb clearance. 

If you like adventure, then you'll love the TGA Breeze S3. As an all-terrain mobility scooter, you can enjoy the great outdoors from the comfort of your chair. Hills, slopes and steep tracks are easily tackled with the S3, thanks to alloy wheels and a powerful transaxle-motor system.

TGA Supersport

Why we love it 

Here at Easy Pay Mobility, we can't recommend the TGA Supersport enough. If you're looking for timeless style and exceptional performance, then the Supersport is for you. 

Motor lovers will appreciate the TGA Supersport’s three-wheeled design and black and chrome finish. Beyond aesthetics, the 3-wheel set up offers high stability, assured traction and excellent manoeuvrability. 

Dynamic engineering includes powerful batteries and an impressive range of 30 miles. But superior technology doesn't have to be complicated. In fact, the TGA Supersport is one of the easiest mobility scooters to drive. 

This scooter uses a simple operating lever to control speeds of up to 8mph. Automatic brakes guarantee a safe and controlled stop.

A superb turning circle, coupled with positive steering, offers unrivalled motility. The handlebars can also be adjusted for a bespoke driving position. 

Comfort is equally well considered, with a large, adjustable chair taking prime position. The upholstered, sports inspired design of the Supersport’s chair not only looks great but is supremely comfortable. 

Where to use it 

The TGA Supersport is an all-terrain mobility scooter that can be driven on or off the road. This makes it the ideal scooter if you live far away from the shops or like to visit friends who live out of town. 

All round suspension and excellent handling allow you to easily maintain control of the Supersport. This means that you can enjoy a smooth drive, even over uneven or rough terrain. 

The Supersport’s three wheeled design creates a neater frame - fantastic for travel in pedestrianised areas. Just remember to reduce your speed down to 4mph. See our other driving tips here

Cant Decide?

If you want more advice on which TGA model to choose, just give us a call. Our friendly staff know the TGA catalogue inside out and will be delighted to help you find the scooter of your dreams. 

Once you’ve landed on your dream mobility scooter, our team will talk you through a variety of payment plans. We cater to all budgets, so everyone can enjoy the benefits of a TGA scooter on a manageable, monthly payment plan. See how it works here