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Spotlight on: Invacare Mobility Scooters

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  • 16 December 2022

Looking for style, performance and unbeatable everyday convenience? Then an Invacare mobility scooter should be your first port of call. 

Invacare designs their scooters to fit seamlessly into your everyday life. From GP visits to walking the dog, catching up with friends and celebrating with family. 

These popular scooters are reliable, high quality and a delight to drive. Read on to discover some of our favourite Invacare mobility scooters. 

Top 3 Invacare Scooters 

At Easy Pay Mobility we stock a variety of Invacare mobility scooters to suit every need and every budget. Choose from a variety of sizes and powers, from portable car boot scooters, to high performance all-terrain models. 

Here we share our top Invacare picks from each mobility scooter category, to help you make your decision.

Car Boot: Invacare Colibri
From £13.95/week 

Why we love it

A car boot scooter is a fantastic option for anyone who is at the start of their scooter journey. If you're after a car boot scooter with a few extra perks, the Colibri is the perfect solution. 

Quality, functionality and comfort are prioritised with this scooter. You'll notice large, robust tyres on the Colibri. This feature gives users a more secure, stable drive.

Enjoy an upgraded battery offering that lets you go further for longer. The Colibri’s batteries are more powerful than other portable scooters, letting you drive up to 17 miles on a single charge.

The Colibri features Invacare’s unique LiteLock system. This enables you to swiftly dismantle the scooter, without any tools or need for additional help. 

Independent customers love how durable yet lightweight this car boot scooter is. Once dismantled, pop the Colibri in your car boot and take it on an adventure! 

Where to use it

The Colibri can be broken down into 5 manageable pieces. This makes it extremely portable and easy to pop in the car, on public transport or even on an aeroplane. 

Customers love to take their Colibri on weekends away, be it a staycation or a trip somewhere more exotic.

Narrow spaces, such as supermarket aisles or hallways at home, are no problem with the Colibri. This is thanks to a compact frame and tight turning circle. 

Bigger wheels and more powerful batteries make uneven terrains a doddle. If you live in or around cobbled or bumpy pavements, the Colibri will smooth over them efficiently. 

For everything you need to know about car boot scooters, read here

4mph: Invacare Leo
From £14.95/week

Why we love it

The Invacare Leo is made for active, independent customers. This mobility scooter is a subtle, yet powerful step-up from a carboot model. 

The Leo is a reliable and robust mobility scooter. Enjoy maximum speeds of 4mph and a range of up to 20 miles on a single charge.

This mobility scooter features intelligent systems that keep you safe and comfortable. Experience a secure, reassuring ride with front and back, indicator and brake lights. 

Keep an eye on battery levels and avoid becoming stranded, thanks to a user friendly display panel. This clever panel goes the extra mile and alerts you when battery reserves become too low. 

The Leo includes a sliding swivel seat and adjustable armrests. Adapt these to your own needs to create a personalised driving position. 

Where to use it

This scooter is designed for busy customers on the go. For such a lightweight mobility scooter, the Leo has an impressive range that allows you to venture further, for longer.  

The Leo’s impressive safety system means that customers can pop out for a GP appointment, dash to the shops, or run daily errands without a worry. Reflectors and LED lights allow you to travel safely, day or night.

The Leo is designed with a compact frame and fully rotating tiller. These features allow you to manoeuvre narrow or tight spaces with ease. Venture down the shopping aisle or around the home without a problem. 

This scooter can be broken down into smaller pieces, making it highly portable. Portability makes the Leo a fantastic travel buddy. Enjoy a weekend away or go further afield with this brilliant mobility scooter.

8mph: Invacare Comet Pro 4W
From £18.95/week 

Why we love it

The Comet Pro 4W is Invacare’s premium mobility scooter. This luxury scooter excels in power and always delivers on performance. 

The Comet Pro 4W is designed to go the extra mile, quite literally. Reach maximum speeds of 8mph and travel an impressive range of 34 miles on a single charge - on or off the road. 

This mobility scooter features a wide turning circle, which allows for greater manoeuvrability. No matter how big your turns, the Comet Pro W4 keeps you stable and secure with an anti-tip system. 

This clever mobility scooter has a high/low switch to make changing terrains a stress-free experience. This mechanism allows you to seamlessly adjust your speed when moving from road to pavement. 

Beyond modern technology and excellent drivability, the Comet Pro W4 is quite simply a very comfortable, luxurious mobility scooter. Ergonomic design allows you to create a custom driving position to guarantee both safety and comfort. 

Where to use it

If you're someone who has a daily to-do list the length of your arm, the Comet Pro W4 is for you. With this scooter you can negotiate both the pavement and the road, efficiently and with ease. 

If you own a dog or visit the park regularly, the Comet Pro W4 is a great companion. This scooter is adept at tackling softer, slightly uneven ground, including grass and gravel.  

The Comet Pro has a surprisingly compact frame for a scooter of its size and power. Manoeuvre narrow spaces and challenging spots with ease. 

Go beyond the pavement and take the Comet Pro W4 further afield, thanks to larger more powerful batteries. Hit the road and enjoy the benefits of a sophisticated suspension system that absorbs bumps and jolts for a smooth, controlled drive. 

The Comet Pro W4 is ideal if you need to use the main road to reach friends or family who live further afield. As a class 3 mobility scooter, this model features all-round lights, indicators and mirrors to keep you safe on the roads. 

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