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6 Myths About Mobility Scooters

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  • 23 December 2022

Are you considering mobility scooter hire? Do you have any reservations about rental? Not sure who is even eligible for a scooter? If you're holding back on mobility scooter hire, we’re here to help. 

There are many myths about mobility scooters. These are mainly based on older scooter technology, which was limited and didn't put the customer first. 

These days mobility scooters are one of the most user-friendly mobility aids around. They are designed to enhance everyday life. For many, they restore a sense of independence and freedom. 

We wanted to dispel a few myths about mobility scooters. Read on so you can make an informed choice about whether or not mobility scooter hire is for you. 

Mobility Scooter Myths

1.    Only for the elderly or disabled 

Mobility scooters are excellent supports for both elderly and disabled customers. However, they aren't restricted to just those users. 

You don't need to be heavily dependent on a mobility scooter to use one. There are a huge variety of mobility scooters that offer low to medium support.

Maybe your lung capacity isn't what it used to be, and you need to take frequent rests. There are also muscle and bone conditions that may cause pain in your legs, feet or hips. 

In the case of MS or arthritis, a mobility scooter can take the pressure off painful joints or weakened limbs. 

Mobility issues are extremely varied and can affect any age and any gender. Modern mobility scooters serve a variety of customer profiles and needs. The options span:

-    Occasional use, versus being heavily dependant
-    Moderate mobility issues, versus significant disabilities

There really is something for everyone and every lifestyle. Explore our full offering here.

2.    Scooters are expensive 

Does the price of a mobility scooter put you off buying one? Buying a scooter outright is indeed costly and not a luxury that most can afford. 

However, this is where scooter rental comes in. Hiring a mobility scooter is the most cost effective way to access high quality models. 

Rent from top brands, such as TGA and Kymco, at affordable and realistic prices. You can secure an ever cheaper deal on your mobility scooter if you rent it long-term. A 3-year scooter hire can unlock incredible prices for premium scooters. 

Love the look and feel of a motorbike? Enjoy the TGA Supersport for just £23.95 a week when you hire it for 3-years. More of an explorer? Go further for longer with the powerful Kymco Maxi XLS, for just £18.95 a week on a 3-year hire. 

Even better, once you begin your hire, a scooter isn't expensive to run or maintain. There are many low effort, low cost ways to keep your mobility scooter in good check. See some of our hacks here

3.    Scooters are large and bulky

Modern scooters are made using aerodynamic materials. These make them lightweight and compact - perfect for travelling and exploring.

Car boot scooters can be folded down into one compact unit. Once collapsed, this unit is similar in size to that of a folded pushchair. 

Other car boot scooters can be dismantled into smaller pieces. The largest of these pieces will weigh no more than a large suitcase. This means that most people with moderate upper body strength will be able to lift it with ease.

Larger scooters, such as 4mph or 8mph models, are heavier but just as neatly designed. Sleek design and clever dimensions result in slim frames that can easily navigate a wide variety of spaces.

4.    Scooters are high maintenance 

A mobility scooter is made with daily use in mind. A scooter can carry a passenger from day to night, and is ready to tackle the elements if needs be. Some can even take on hills, uneven ground and the road. 

It's safe to say that a mobility scooter can improve the life of its owner almost overnight. All that a scooter requires in return, is a little TLC. 

A light dust, a quick wipe, a daily battery charge. Scooters are low maintenance, but basic care will go a long way.

Having a sense of pride in your scooter will keep it running optimally. Regular care helps to preserve batteries and maintain tyre health. 

Read more about how to avoid common mobility scooter mistakes here

Don't forget, every Easy Pay Mobility scooter hire comes with comprehensive insurance. There are no hidden costs or surcharges along the way. Even repairs and breakdown call outs are included within your rental package.

5.    Scooters are tricky to drive 

Yes, modern day mobility scooters are technological wonders. But this doesn't make them complicated to drive. In fact, this feature is what makes them so user friendly. 

A scooter is normally built with a ‘stop-start’ mechanism. There are no gears or fiddly buttons to confuse you. Even better, most scooters feature a bright LCD panel to help you keep an eye on speed and power. 

Steering is just as you'd expect, there are no hidden surprises. Simply sit back and enjoy a full turning radius. This feature makes a mobility scooter excellent at navigating narrow spaces or parking into tight spots.

Even the more complex looking scooters, such as the TGA Supersport, is a doddle to drive. It may look like a top quality motorbike, but it doesn't drive as furiously as one. 

If in doubt, have a read of our driving tips for mobility scooter users here.

6.    Scooters are not stylish 

Feel proud driving your scooter everyday, thanks to quality, modern design. Scooters are there to re-energise your life, not deflate it. They make adventures possible and the world more exciting. 

Mobility scooter design finally reflects this. Modern day mobility scooters are sleek and stylish. You'll notice that a lot of scooter design is inspired by sports cars and motorbikes.

Mobility scooters tend to feature a metallic finish and specifications are always discrete. Seats are wide and comfortable, but the scooter’s frame is designed to remain compact and neat.  

Baskets and top boxes can be added based on your requirements and taste. Equally, if you want to add a flair of personality, you can always invest in a bold blanket or a bell or two.