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How to prevent these common mobility scooter mistakes

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  • 04 February 2022

Starting on your journey of mobility scooter rental? Regular care for your vehicle will go a long way to keeping it running optimally. Avoiding any unnecessary maintenance or repair works means you can enjoy your scooter for longer. Our super simple, handy tips will keep your scooter in tip-top shape.

Top tips for common mistakes

Light cleaning

Regular cleaning is an easy way to extend the life of your scooter. At Easy Pay Mobility we offer a vast and varied collection of scooters, designed for all types of terrains and weather. This means lots of puddles, pavements and even puppies to clean up after!

Where possible, give your scooter’s handlebars and seat a quick wipe down after each use. For the adventurers amongst us, a light spray or regular hose-down of the wheels will keep them clean and their tracks clear.

Regular care will prevent debris, dirt and moisture from building up and causing damage. You’ll also benefit from the delights of a sparkling motor to be proud of! No need for expensive cleaning products – for those on a budget even a simple, soapy cloth will be effective.


It’s ideal to keep your mobility scooter in a cool, dry space. Excess moisture can cause rusting that interferes with tyre performance and battery power. If a sheltered space is not available, a simple waterproof covering is a cost-effective way to protect your scooter.

If you have access to a lockable unit, store your mobility scooter here for peace of mind. Areas such as a separate room, large cupboard or garage space are great options too. Just ensure that they are dry and easily accessible.

Top tip: keep your storage space clear of obstacles for easy access. Garages and sheds are great locations for a mobility scooter but tend to become easily cluttered. Ensure a clear path to and from your exit to avoid unnecessary stress and damage!

Don’t forget a lock and key! Thefts are rare, but a basic padlock can go a long way to keeping your vehicle safe and secure. In the unlikely event of theft, rest assured that we have you covered. Every Easy Pay Mobility hire includes comprehensive cover for all eventualities, giving you one less thing to worry about.

Tyre checks

All of our tyres use pneumatic engineering to ensure optimum performance. This simply means that they are air filled and therefore less likely to gain a puncture.

You can further puncture-proof your mobility scooter by giving the tyre tread and pressure a quick check every so often. Regular checks provide you with confidence that your tyres are puncture-free before you set off on your journey.

Top tip: our friendly experts will show you how to check for punctures whilst they assemble your mobility scooter. We will also leave you with an easy-to-follow user manual. This handy guide will help you notice signs of damage during your scooter rental period.

Our tyres are durable and made for longevity, but wear-and-tear is a normal occurrence with everyday scooter use. In the rare instance you get a puncture, don’t forget that your Easy Pay Mobility package comes with free maintenance. Simply give us a call to organise a speedy repair service so we can get you back on your scooter without further damage.

Battery care

All our mobility scooters arrive fully charged and ready to go. Our friendly staff will show you how to charge your battery once it becomes low. We use clever chargers that switch off automatically once your batteries are fully charged. This means you don’t have to keep an eye on them and can relax.

Top tip: keeping your battery charger dry and clean is an easy way to avoid damage that could impact powering up. Store the device on a dust-free space, or on a sturdy shelf in-between use.

Maintaining optimal battery performance is key to keeping your scooter in excellent shape. When your mileage is typically low – perhaps when the weather gets a little chilly – remember to give your batteries a quick charge. This power boost will keep them ready and raring to go for your next adventure.

Chair care

Mobility scooters are essential aids for daily movement and freedom. From last minute shopping trips to long weekends away with family, you can easily clock up the hours in your chair. That’s why it’s vital to ensure your seat is not only comfy, but in excellent condition.

Noticing a rip in the fabric of the backrest, or the seat cushion of your chair, can prevent it from progressing further. Once a rip is fully formed, the inner foam that gives the chair shape (and keeps you comfy!) can pop out and become damaged.

Our customers have benefitted from simple seat covers. Light, durable materials protect your seat from spills, rips, and debris. Seat covers are a cost-effective way to keep your chair clean, dry and in great condition, all year round.

Protection against the elements

Small investments in your mobility scooter will reap rewards in the long term. Purchasing waterproof equipment, such as a large hood for overnight storage or a fuss-free cover for daytime activities, is a good start.

These items are excellent at preventing a build-up of excess moisture that can cause rust. Rust is corrosive and can erode materials and damage batteries over time. Waterproofs stop rust from developing. Plus, they will keep you dry and warm against the unpredictable British weather!

Maintenance and repairs

Maintenance and repairs are included in your Easy Pay Mobility hire free of charge. Regular servicing preserves the quality of your mobility scooter and will ensure optimum performance over a longer period of time.

Our team of experienced engineers are available around the clock to ensure your scooter issue can be processed. Calling us at the first sign of a puncture or battery fault will help us to get you back up and running in no time.

Need more support or advice? Give our friendly experts a call to answer any questions that you may have.