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Mobility Scooter Hacks

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  • 20 May 2022

Here at Easy Pay Mobility, we know how much a mobility scooter can enhance your quality of life. From quick shopping trips to long weekends away with the family, your scooter does more than just get you from A to B. 

We want you to get the most out of your scooter so you can enjoy all the benefits that come with hiring one. From keeping it clean to watching your speed, there are lots of ways to keep your scooter running optimally. Looking after your mobility scooter means looking after you, so read on for our top insider tips.

7 Helpful Hacks 

1. Happy wheels, happy you

Prioritising tyre health is the number one way to avoid mobility scooter mishaps. Keep your tyres clean, fully pumped and free from any sharp objects. Showing your scooter a little TLC can help to reduce the risk of tears and punctures. Here are some simple tips: 

-    Give your wheels a tap to make sure they’re fully inflated before travel 
-    After each use, check for any gravel or sharp items that may have become lodged 
-    If you have a buildup of mud or dirt, give your wheels a quick hose down

You can also look after your wheels when out and about. Here are some easy ways to avoid unnecessary damage:

-    Use level crossings and step free/drop curbed pavements
-    Avoid uneven, bumpy or rough looking terrains
-    Keep an eye out for debris or litter that could become trapped under your wheels 

2. Extend scooter battery life

Your scooter’s range dictates how far you can travel before your batteries need a charge. The longer your battery’s range, the further you can go. Despite this, mobility scooter batteries are susceptible to wear and tear.
Batteries are impacted by light, temperature and over-exertion. However, treat your scooter well and you can significantly maintain battery health. Here are our top tips for extending battery life and enjoying your scooter’s full range:
-    We recommend charging scooter batteries overnight to ensure a full charge before travel
-    Avoid running batteries down to an empty charge
-    Even when your scooter is not in use, give batteries a quick charge to keep them topped up
-    Be gentle on your brakes and avoid ‘stop-start’ driving
-    Don’t weigh your scooter down with heavy shopping
-    Prioritise flat terrains or pavements to avoid steep or uphill travel
Read more about mobility scooter batteries here. 

3. A wipe a day keeps the engineer away!

You’d be surprised how quickly dirt and debris can build up on your mobility scooter. Always take a few minutes to wipe down your scooter and check for any damage. Doing this after each journey is a quick and easy way to keep your mobility scooter in tip-top condition.

Super speedy daily cleans are the easiest way to avoid maintenance work that takes you away from your scooter. Take a few minutes to brush your footwell, wipe down your chair and clean your control panel and lights.  

Learn more about looking after your mobility scooter here.

4. Get the waterproofs out

Keeping your scooter dry is essential but it doesn’t have to cost the earth. Sure, you can't beat a classy cover for your ride. But even a trusty sheet of tarpaulin can offer priceless protection for your scooter when it’s not in use.
When out and about, keep a lightweight waterproof stashed away for rainy days. Our customers have found some fantastic, all-weather solutions that neatly cover both you and your scooter. 2-in-1 covers, such as blankets and ponchos, are a cost effective way to keep you and your scooter dry and warm.

5. Buy a seat cover

A mobility scooter can become your most trusted companion and you can quickly clock up the hours in your chair. A cover not only keeps your seat clean and dry, it also keeps it in premium condition. 

You can avoid rips and tears with a seat cover. What starts as a tiny rip can quickly develop into a much larger tear. A tear can make your chair’s inner materials more susceptible to damage, ruining the quality and comfort over time. 

Whatever your budget, a seat cover will save you money in the long run. From luxury padded options, to simple plastic layers, a seat cover offers impressive protection for your scooter. 

6. Enjoy the accessories

Utilise your basket

Using your basket is a surprising safety tip we encourage you to follow. Keeping items on your lap can lead to accidents. Items on your lap can slide around during your journey, distracting your attention away from the path infront of you.

Loading up your shopping or belongings onto the handlebars, instead of your basket, can be another cause for concern. Your basket is centralised to your scooter, maintaining balance to keep you steady and secure. Adding bags to your scooter tiller can make steering become difficult, increasing the risk of you losing control and tipping over.
Plug in

Ever wondered why your mobility scooter is fitted with a USB port? This nifty little feature allows you to plug in devices such as your mobile phone or a location tracker. Stay contactable and discoverable with this discreet gadget. 

Another option is to plug in a GPS device. This is a great idea if you have a class 3 scooter, as it can direct you along roads and keep you up to date with traffic information.  

Add your own 

Our customers love to add accessories to their mobility scooters. These days you can pick from detachable cup holders, sun canopies, rain covers and lockable boxes. Even better, these add-ons are widely available and extremely cost-effective.  

A mobility scooter can quickly become an essential part of your everyday life. Adding an accessory will make your experience even better, ensuring you have everything you need within easy reach. 

7. Try before you ride

Mobility scooters are there to enhance your quality of life. For some, the hours spent using your scooter will far outweigh the hours spent away from it. That’s why it’s important to find the perfect model for you and your needs. 

Important specifications to consider are your mobility scooter’s speed, weight, collapsibility and comfort. What kind of journeys you want to take and how often, are other key points to consider.

Here at Easy Pay Mobility, we have a high-spec workshop and showroom, which we warmly welcome all our customers to. Here we can demo a mobility scooter from our vast offering to help you find the perfect match. Simply give us a call and book in your visit. See how it works here.