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Winter Scooter Safety Tips

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  • 06 January 2023

As the winter season settles in, we are starting to experience colder, darker and wetter weather. If you have a mobility scooter you can, and should, still venture out. 

Winter weather is especially unpredictable, so you'll need to take extra care if you use your scooter. Taking extra care will keep you safe and your scooter running optimally.

How you use your scooter before, during and after a journey will dictate how well your scooter performs in the colder months. 

-    Before you leave: carry out additional safety checks 
-    On your journey: be extra vigilant whilst driving your scooter 
-    In between use: maintain scooter cleanliness and charge

Whatever weather this winter season brings, you can still enjoy time outside on your mobility scooter. Read on to discover our top tips for staying safe with your mobility scooter this winter. 

Scooter Winter Warmers

1.    Layer up

Keep yourself and your scooter warm and dry this winter. Dress sensibly for the weather and bring a blanket to help you stay warm. 

When it comes to winter weather, your scooter can feel the chill too. Low temperatures and wet weather can be dangerous. They can also play havoc with your mobility scooter’s componentry and chair.  

These days you can add covers, ponchos and even a canopy to your mobility scooter to protect it against adverse weather. There is an option for every budget and every scooter to keep the rain and wind out. 

Back home, consider purchasing a sheet of tarpaulin to cover your scooter whilst in storage. This is a cost-effective way to keep dust and moisture out, to protect your scooter for longer. 

2.    Battery TLC   

Customers will use their mobility scooters a lot less when it gets colder and darker outside. Be aware that low usage can impact the health of your scooter’s batteries. 

Keep batteries energised with an occasional charge, even when your scooter’s not in use. Frequent charges will keep your batteries strong and help them to hold their maximum power output. 

Batteries are the most vulnerable part of your scooter when it comes to cold weather. Low temperatures and moisture can play havoc with battery componentry. Even light damage can seriously reduce battery lifespan. 

Keeping your battery warm and dry will keep your scooter running optimally. If you store your scooter outside, we always recommend keeping your battery pack indoors. Storing your batteries indoors greatly reduces the risk of damage from moisture and sub-zero temperatures. 

3.    Check it out  

Mobility scooter maintenance is essential in winter. Checking a few essentials before you set off will ensure a safe onward journey. 

Scooter tyres are robust and sturdy, but they're not immune from wear and tear. Regular care will improve their lifespan to keep you going in the winter months. 

With tyres there are three simple tips - tap, touch, check. 

Tap your tyres to check that they are fully inflated. Maintaining optimum tyre pressure guarantees a smooth journey when you do make it out on your mobility scooter. 

A tear can create a puncture, which can cause your scooter to slip or slide dangerously. Touch along the grooves to feel for rips or any obvious damage. 

Check for any items that may have become stuck, such as leaves or gravel. Scooter tyres are more prone to damage in the winter months. Fallen leaves and grit can become lodged in your scooter tyres and impact overall drivability. 

4.    Keep it clean 

Keeping your mobility scooter clean in between use doesn't have to take long and won't cost a fortune. If you have 5 minutes and a soapy cloth, you're good to go.

Light touch cleaning will prevent complex maintenance work on your mobility scooter in the future. It's especially important to keep your scooter chair in good condition. 

To clean your scooter, grab a soapy cloth and give the chair and the exterior a quick wipe. Be careful not to get the inside of your scooter wet, as this can cause rusting. Always remember to pat your scooter dry after a clean to avoid unwanted moisture building up. 

As mentioned, healthy tyres are paramount to keeping your scooter running optimally. Keeping your wheels free from mud, twigs, gravel and grit improves overall safety. If you take your scooter on a muddy or wet drive, give your wheels a hose down for a thorough clean. 

5.    Smart storage 

British wintertime is notoriously wet and cold. Your scooter contains many electrical components that need to be kept dry and free of rust. Likewise, a scooter chair needs to stay free from moisture to keep it durable and comfortable. 

The most ideal option is to keep your scooter in a garage, porch, or anywhere covered. As your scooter batteries are particularly sensitive to cold temperatures, it's a bonus if your storage space is warm or indoors. 

If you're tight on space, you can keep your mobility scooter outside. Try to avoid wet, soggy or uneven ground. 

Our top tip for keeping your scooter outside is to use a sheet of heavy-duty tarpaulin to protect it. This is a low cost, effective tool for keeping your scooter clean and dry. 

If you have a folding scooter, such as a car boot scooter, you'll be surprised how versatile it is for storage. These scooters are designed to fold down neatly and slot into the narrowest of spaces. Keep a folded scooter in a cupboard or even down your halfway. 

6.    Drive safe 

Being a safe driver is even more important in the winter months. Snow, ice and rain can make for hazardous driving conditions.

When venturing out with your mobility scooter, always think practically. It's never a good idea to attempt hills or slopes in adverse weather. Ice and rain can make these terrains dangerous.

Equally, if there is heavy or deep snow it's always best to stay safe and remain at home. We only advise venturing out in icy conditions if absolutely necessary. 

Even when conditions seem less risky, be extra cautious of your surroundings. Don't be fooled by leaves that build up around kerbs. These can disguise a high kerb, which can be dangerous if your scooter is unable to climb it completely.

Quick Tips:

●    Consider hi vis for you and your scooter to stay visible
●    Ensure a full charge on your mobile phone before you leave the house to stay in touch
●    Add GPS or a tracker to your scooter if you have an 8mph or all-terrain model. Planning your route and staying on top of traffic is a smart way to stay safe 
●    See and be seen - check that lights and indicators are working correctly before a journey 
●    Check the weather forecast before you leave, so you're prepared for any changing conditions 

Don't forget! All easy Pay Mobility scooters include fully comprehensive insurance, so you're covered for all eventualities this winter. See here for more information on how it works and what's included.

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