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Scooter Safety Tips

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  • 04 November 2022

A mobility scooter is one of the safest mobility aids available. Whether you use your scooter daily or just occasionally, safety should always come first.  

High quality specifications and advanced, modern technology make scooters safe and reliable. However, there are a few things that you can do to optimise safety whilst using your mobility scooter. 

How you drive, maintain and generally look after your scooter will have a huge impact on overall scooter safety. 

Our experts have shared their top tips for optimising mobility scooter safety. Read on to discover how to enjoy a stress free, confident scooter experience.

Expert Advice: Scooter Safety 

Get to Know Your Scooter

-    Take full advantage of your demo session upon delivery. Our friendly staff will unload your scooter and show you how it works. Use this time to ask any questions about your mobility scooter.

-    You'll be handed a manual for your mobility scooter upon delivery. Put the kettle on and have a flick through the manual to get to know your scooter in more detail.

-    Once you're set up, find a large open space to practise driving. Play with speeds, get comfortable with steering and learn how to stop safely. 

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-    Create a bespoke driving position. Most mobility scooters have adjustable armrests, neck rests and tillers. Seats can also be adapted to suit your requirements for total comfort.

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At Home 

-    Maintaining battery health will prevent your scooter breaking down or needing repairs in the future. When you're not using your scooter, or in the winter months, be sure to keep a healthy charge on batteries.

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-    Keep your mobility scooter somewhere safe, warm and dry. A car boot scooter is excellent for home storage. It can be dismantled and packed away into a cupboard or down your hallway. 

-    A 4mph, 8mph or all-terrain mobility scooter will take up more space. Consider storing it in a lockable garage or shed. 

-    If you plan to keep your scooter outside, always use a lock and chain. It's also important to put a waterproof cover over your scooter to protect it from adverse weather. Cold and moisture can play havoc with scooter batteries and impact performance over time. 

-    If you use your mobility scooter around the home, you still need to practice scooter safety. When your scooter is stationary and not in use, make sure that the key is out and the power is off. 

-    Don't let children use your scooter when you're at home. A scooter is a powerful mobility aid, not a toy. It is only suitable for those who have been shown how to use it by a professional. 

Before Setting Off 

-    For peace of mind, try to leave the house with your scooter batteries fully charged. This will prevent unnecessary stress if your scooter runs out of power half way into a trip.

-    Plan your journeys, even the small ones. Your scooter’s range determines how far you can travel on a single charge. If you know the distance of your journey, you can calculate how much charge you need to make it there and back. 

-    Give tyres a tap to check that they are fully inflated and firm. Have a look to see if anything is lodged in the grooves, or if you have a flat tyre. 

-    If the weather is wet or cold, don’t let it stop you from getting out and about on your mobility scooter. Pack a warm blanket or attach a waterproof cover to your scooter. 

-    Mobility scooters are very safe, but if you have an accident or become stranded, you'll want to call family or friends. We always advise taking your mobile phone with you for peace of mind.

Out & About Safety

-    Class 3 mobility scooters require more care and attention than their foldable cousins. This is especially important if you plan to drive them along main roads.

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-    Take extra caution with kerbs. Coming onto or off a kerb too quickly can cause damage to your scooter.

-    Use your basket or top box wisely. Pop personal belongings and shopping in the storage space provided. This will keep them safe, secure and out of your way. 

-    Don't be tempted to load up your handlebars with bags. This will dangerously impact steering capabilities and cause an imbalance on your scooter. Though rare, an imbalance could lead to your scooter tipping over. 

-    Keep your tyres clear of anything that could hang down and get trapped in the wheels. If using a blanket or waterproof cover, ensure it’s safely tucked away from wheels. 

-    Try to avoid driving through dirt, debris or litter. This will keep your tyres clean and safe from damage.

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-    Scooters are designed to make minimal noise. This feature has pros and cons. Consider an attachable bell, to alert others of your presence. This is a low-cost option that keeps you and those around you safe.

-    A lot of public venues have ramps, lifts and even their own scooter hire service. However, private venues aren't always as accessible. Always call ahead or check the venue’s website to assess how well they can accommodate your mobility scooter. 

-    If you're planning a night away with your mobility scooter, be sure to pack your battery charger. Keeping your scooter fully charged will reduce the risk of becoming stranded in an unfamiliar place.

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Stay Visible 

-    Your scooter will be fitted with various lights. Visibility is low at night and in the winter months. Always use your lights in these circumstances, even if you have strong eyesight. This will keep you and those around you safe.

-    Low-cost lighting accessories are a great way to stay safe on your mobility scooter. These days you can find clip-on lights to suit all budgets. These accessories are great value and will give you an instant boost of visibility on your scooter.

-    Consider hi vis gear for you and your scooter. Wearing a hi vis jacket, or applying hi vis strips to your scooter’s frame, will improve overall safety. These purse friendly accessories will keep you illuminated when visibility is low. 

Stay Focused 

-    Never use a phone or other electronic device whilst your scooter is in motion, or the key is in the ignition. When your scooter is on, your attention and focus should be high. Avoid texting, calling or scrolling when your mobility scooter is in use. 

-    Remember to give pedestrians the right of way. This keeps you both safe. On that note, use your mirrors wisely. Children are prone to jumping out when you least expect it! 

-    Surfaces that are flat, smooth and dry are the best terrains when driving your mobility scooter. Avoid slippery, icy or uneven surfaces. 

-    Navigate tight corners, narrow shopping aisles and tricky parking spots with caution. Sudden stops or bumps could jolt your scooter or make it unsteady. 

-    Slow and steady wins the race. Going slow is always advised if you're driving somewhere new or unfamiliar. Remember to stick to a maximum speed of 4mph in pedestrianised areas, regardless of your scooter’s classification.

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