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What’s your mobility scooter personality type?

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  • 08 April 2022

You can tell a lot about somebody from their choice of mobility scooter. Beyond being a brilliant way to get from A to B, a scooter can open the door to community, adventure and fun. With so many genius specifications these days, mobility scooters can do a lot more than you’d think. 

Which model you choose and which add-ons you embellish your vehicle with reveal a lot about you. There’s a mobility scooter to support every need and lifestyle.  Whether you’re a keen explorer, a super shopper or a social butterfly, there's a perfect fit for you. 

Which mobility scooter is for you?

The Adventurer: TGA Breeze

Surely the Bear Grylls of mobility scooters! The TGA Breeze is an impressive vehicle with the ability to take you far beyond your front door.

No terrain is off limits with this powerful mobility scooter. Larger batteries and heavy-duty tyres allow the Breeze to take a hike or cruise along pathways and roads. Larger batteries also let you travel further for longer. This is a fantastic feature if you’re a fan of the great outdoors.  

As a class-3 mobility scooter, the TGA Breeze is road eligible – only high speed dual carriageways and motorways are off limits. Motor fans love the TGA Breeze as it has all the top-notch specifications that you’d expect from a small car. This includes mirrors, indicators and all-round suspension. 

Comfort isn’t a concern on rough terrains and long adventures. The TGA Breeze is fitted with an extra-large captain’s seat for a supremely luxurious feel. The high spec nature of this mobility scooter calls for sturdy mechanics, so it is naturally larger in size.

Top tip: be speed aware! Whist you can go up to 8mph on the road, you’ll still have to stick to a 4mph limit on pavements and in pedestrianised areas.

The City Sprinter: Pride GoGo Elite Traveller

For many, a mobility scooter is essential to maintaining connections to people and places. Pacing around town and catching up with loved ones requires a fuss-free, transportable model. Our customers have things to do and people to see – enter the car boot mobility scooter! 

At Easy Pay Mobility, we offer a huge range of foldable, car boot scooters. These lightweight, portable models fit around you, not the other way around. You can view our full range here. But when it comes to favourites, we can’t recommend the Pride GoGo Elite Traveller enough. 

We like to think of the GoGo Elite as the ‘Transformer’ of mobility scooters. This agile scooter is comprised of 4 manageable parts that collapse down and back up again in under 45-seconds. Once dissembled, this mobility scooter can be easily transported from A to B. The GoGo Elite’s compact design allows it to be easily stored on public transport and within the tiniest of car boots. 

What sets the GoGo Elite apart from other car boot models is its ingenious specifications. The spontaneity of a car boot model is upgraded with larger rear wheels and a powerful engine. The GoGo Elite is a dynamic little rocket that gets you across the city in no time.

Top tip: the heaviest part of the GoGo Elite is 16kg. This weight is comparable to that of a large holiday suitcase. Check before you travel that either yourself or someone else has enough strength to lift it first.

The Busy Bee: Shoprider Sovereign 4

Efficient, reliable and comfortable. If these three qualities appeal to you, then the Shoprider Sovereign 4 may be your perfect mobility scooter. This best-selling scooter is one of the most popular models in the UK – and for good reason! 

The Shoprider Sovereign is made for busy bees always on the go. Being a class 2 model, the Sovereign is perfect for those who live close to shops or have a road-free route on their daily travels.

This nifty, 4mph scooter has enough speed to maintain a decent pace around town. A tight turning circle awards the Sovereign agility to navigate narrow aisles or tight corners. Even better, a single charge allows you to travel a range of up to 20 miles. Considering its compact size, this is a seriously impressive feature. 

The Sovereign’s all-round lights keep your path visible and clear for optimal safety. The adjustable swivel seat allows for greater comfort and movement. What’s more, smart suspension and large pneumatic tyres ensure a smooth ride on this mobility scooter. 

With the Sovereign you can tick off your to-do list and catch up with friends, all in a morning’s work. 

Top tip: take advantage of the Sovereign’s adjustable design features. Retractable armrests and a swivel seat allow for a greater range of movement. Use this to your benefit when enjoying sports and exercise, or when visiting tourist destinations.  

Don’t forget accessories!

Mobility scooters can be easily accessorised to make them even more efficient, convenient and comfortable. Our suggestons include:

-    Throw on a fleecy blanket for added warmth and a touch of personality 
-    Clip on LED lights to boost visibility for late night social plans or foggy morning adventures
-    Use your scooter’s USB dock to plug in a GPS device to explore the world beyond your front door 
-    Invest in a waterproof cover so you can venture out whatever the weather 

Take a look at our full range of mobility scooters here. Still unsure? Our friendly team are on hand to offer you expert advice – just give us a call. 

Don’t forget that every Easy Pay Mobility scooter comes with a 2-week cool of period. This means that you have a money back guarantee if you change your mind shortly after signing up. Even better, we will come and collect your scooter hassle fee.