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Top tips this winter for mobility scooter users

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  • 28 January 2022

Let’s face it - the British wintertime can be miserable! December through to March can bring rain, sub-zero temperatures and even snow. It can be tempting to stay inside for longer than usual, but don’t let the elements impact your mobility and independence. Embrace the change of season and enjoy the crisp, winter days. Follow our top tips to help you avoid common problems and get the most out of your scooter this season.

Smart scooter use in winter

Wrap up warm

Staying warm is fundamental to your scooter experience in the winter. Temperatures can get as low as freezing point up until February. Keeping cosy on your mobility scooter should be a top priority.

A woollen or fleecy blanket is accessible to everyone and the obvious place to start. Blankets come in all styles and sizes and are a cost-effective way to keep warm. They offer a home comfort when out and about and can also add a flair or personality to your vehicle.

For those after a touch of luxury, a 100% wool seat and back cover ticks all the boxes. There are some fantastic options on the market that will keep you cosy without breaking the bank. Additionally, a fleece-lined leg-cosy is a genius option. This clever accessory combines both warmth and weather protection in one product.

An all-weather canopy is a fabulous addition to any scooter and can really elevate your winter journeys. Though an investment, this accessory provides ultimate protection from rain, wind and cold temperatures. For a more purse-friendly option, a waterproof mobility cape is a simple solution to keep you and your scooter protected from the elements.

Keep track of your tyres

The unpredictable winter weather can cause your terrain to change at any moment. Looking after your tyres is essential to keeping you safe on your journeys. Regular checks don’t have to be a chore and only take a few minutes. Follow these simple steps for total tyre health:

- Feel the tyre for any rips, scuffs or cracks in the rubber

- Check for any sharp objects or stones that may have become embedded within the tyre

- Keep an eye on the tyre tread. If you notice any cracks or bald spots this could be a sign that the tyre is due a replacement

- Give the tyre a firm tap to check its fully inflated before you set off  

Our friendly staff can show you how to carry out these checks when we deliver your mobility scooter. We will also leave you with a handy user manual for future reference. If you notice any problems with your tyres, do not hesitate to give us a call. As part of your Easy Pay Mobility rental, we offer a free scooter maintenance service as standard.

Speed safety and break utilisation

Maintaining throttle control will avoid any nasty slips or skids – utilise your brakes. Mobility scooters benefit from sturdy engineering and are normally fitted with electro-magnetic braking. This specification allows for automatic braking as soon as you let go of the throttle lever. This prevents all kinds of accidents and ensures total safety.

Whether your scooter is 4mph or a speedy 8mph, it’s important to take extra care when out and about this winter. Though it can be tempting to pick up the pace and rush back indoors, this can result in unnecessary accidents. Frost may look beautiful but can be deceptively dangerous. Likewise, black ice can be invisible to the naked eye but cause havoc upon contact.

Choose a cleared path and slow down on slippery pavements. Be conscious of the ground ahead and adjust your speed accordingly. In the rare event of an accident be sure to call us immediately. All Easy Pay Mobility plans include comprehensive insurance that covers you for all eventualities.

Combat the darkness

Did you know that December 2021 was one of our darkest months on record? Us Brits saw 14 hours less sunshine than what is usually expected for that time of the year. Mornings and evenings will remain dark until the clocks go back in March, so ensure you have adequate visibility using your scooter until then.

LED scooter lights are widely available and extremely cost efficient. They are usually battery powered and very easy to attach to your mobility scooter. Clip a light to your tillers or handlebars for optimum visibility in low light conditions and darkness.

LED lights with adjustable settings can also be attached to the rear of your scooter. Depending on your surroundings and needs, LED lights can be set to fixed or flashing. These handy little lights are waterproof and offer a low-cost solution to navigating the darker hours. 

Stay safe

In addition to detachable lights, high-visibility tape is a great way to keep you visible to others. This genius tape can be applied to any parts of your scooter to keep you detectable to oncoming joggers, other scooter users and even dogs!

For those wanting an elevated level of safety, a GPS tracker is a unique way to track both you and your scooter. In the rare circumstance of theft, a GPS tracker is a smart way to successfully relocate your scooter. This discreet device is simple to use and is usually hooked up to your mobile phone for ease.

Don’t forget that your mobility scooter hire includes comprehensive insurance that covers you for theft in the instance that you are unable to retrieve your scooter.

A tracker will also mean that you’re never stranded for long. This savvy technology can allow others to check in on your whereabouts if you appear to have strayed far from home. Equally, if you’re stranded due to a puncture, your Easy Pay Mobility hire includes free 24-hour recovery, to get you home safely, sooner.

Lockable rear boxes are another brilliant way to keep your belongings safe. These products are similar to a motorbike box but are lighter and more compact. Knowing that your wallet and other valuables remain safe under lock and key is paramount.

For longer journeys these boxes can take a load off your mind when out and about. Thyere also a fantastic size for securing any gifts and expensive goods that you’ve purchased on your travels. 

So learn to love the winter again and feel confident and proud on your mobility scooter this season!