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The benefits of a mobility scooter

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  • 08 February 2021

With a wide range of modern scooters to choose from, having limited mobility does not have to get in the way of doing what you enjoy day-to-day. Hiring a motor on a long-term basis can bring you all the benefits of owning a scooter - minus the pressure of constant maintenance and costly repairs.

8 Mobility scooter benefits

Getting around easily 

Mobility scooters provide you with the ability to get around easily, as and when you feel like it. This can be completely lifechanging, as you can regain your freedom and confidently venture out in your local area, or even further afield.

Shopping centres and other public areas are constantly improving accessibility - making it easier for mobility scooter drivers to get to where they want to be. When driving a scooter, you're not limited to your local area. You will be able to travel onto most forms of public transport, i.e. trains, tubes, buses and even aeroplanes if you have a portable scooter.

If you are travelling further afield and you need some space to keep your bag, you will find that most machines will come with plenty of storage space. A decent size basket or seat bag is fitted on all of our scooters to make sure your trips are as hassle-free as possible.

Having more independence

Once you feel confident and are happy to drive your mobility scooter without assistance, you will be able to get out and about independently.

Depending on your needs, you might require some help getting in and out of the scooter. But once you're in, you'll have the freedom and ability to get fresh air, go shopping or explore the local park when you want to. Having the option to go out freely can have a significant impact on your general mood and wellbeing.

Keeping safe and comfortable

You may be hiring a scooter long-term because of an injury, physical disability, medical condition or something else. No matter the reason, it is there to provide you with a comfortable and pleasant way of commuting. 

We know that the general bustle of everyday life can be quite tiring. A mobility scooter can save you from having to wait around in long queues or tackle your way through large crowds.

You'll be able to save your energy to enjoy day-to-day activities. Instead of pushing yourself to the point of being uncomfortable, why not consider a sturdy scooter that can help you to fully relax and avoid the risk of injury or over-excursion.

Having your scooter delivered right to your door

It's not uncommon for people to shy away from hiring a scooter because they fear it will be a lengthy process. The reality is, hiring a mobility scooter is a straightforward and hassle-free experience. You can order your scooter online and have it delivered straight to your home, fully assembled and ready to use right away. 

Choosing an affordable payment plan

Hiring a mobility scooter on a long-term basis is an affordable alternative for anyone who doesn't want to commit to buying. Understandably, people may assume that using a mobility scooter is out of their price range - but this doesn't have to be the case.

With the option to rent, you have the freedom of being on a payment plan that suits you. When hiring a scooter with us, you can select weekly payments across either one year, two years or three years, plus, we won’t ask you for a deposit beforehand. One of our friendly advisers would be happy to talk you through your options. 

Taking more control of your social life

Having an active social life is essential to us all. An injury or disability should never take away the joys of social interaction. We understand that one key aspect of socialising is having the ability to get out and about to meet people. With the right mobility scooter, you'll be able to do just that. 

Once you're confident in your scooter, you won't feel like you have to turn down plans or make up excuses when it comes to social events. A scooter can help out with life's simple pleasures, like meeting up with a friend in a coffee shop or trying out a new restaurant with a loved one. 

Choosing from an extensive range of scooters 

If you’re choosing to hire long-term, you will likely be using your scooter regularly. It's important that it will make you feel happy and confident each time you're riding down the street or meeting up with friends.

The good news is, mobility scooters have come a very long way in recent years, and they now come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and styles. You can choose based on your needs or preferences on a range of things, including:

  • Size
  • Speed
  • Distance
  • Portability
  • Foldability 
  • Height
  • Colour

Take a look at our full range of mobility scooters here.

Having a safe healing period

If you're in the process of recovering from an illness or physical injury and need some help along the way - you might choose to hire a mobility scooter for this time period. Mobility scooters are there to minimise the energy and strain needed to get around your daily life. 

You can use a scooter to take the pressure off of your body and give it a chance to heal. This can bring you peace of mind knowing that you're still able to leave the house, get enough fresh air and run your daily errands without delaying your recovery.

If you have any questions, one of our friendly advisers would be more than happy to talk with you.