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Spotlight On: Kymco Mobility Scooters

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  • 07 October 2022

If you’re after a quality mobility scooter from a highly reputable brand, look no further. Here at Easy Pay Mobility, we stock plenty of brilliant brands that cater to all kinds of customers and their lifestyles.

However, one brand that has stood the test of time and is a firm customer favourite, is Kymco. 

When it comes to user experience, Kymco has to be up there as one of the best mobility scooter brands around. You can always count on Kymco for excellent technology and stylish designs. 

Easy Pay Mobility offer a variety of Kymco mobility scooters. From top of the range all-terrain scooters, to purse-friendly car boot models, there’s something for everyone. 

Our Top 3 Kymco Scooters 

Looking to hire an efficient, high quality, stylish mobility scooter? Then a Kymco scooter from Easy Pay Mobility is for you. 

Kymco has been manufacturing mobility scooters for over 20 years. Their experience and longevity make them a trusted and highly dependable scooter brand. 

Read on to discover some of our favourite Kymco mobility scooters.

Carboot Scooter: Kymco Mini LS
From £13.95/week

Why we love it 

The Kymco Mini LS is one of the brand’s most popular mobility scooters - and for good reason. As a car boot scooter, the benefits of this model are plentiful. 

Kymco’s talent for advanced, yet user-friendly technology and design, is apparent with the Mini LS. 

The seat and tiler are adjustable to help you create a bespoke, comfortable driving position. Even better, the seat can be swivelled to allow for an easy transition on and off your scooter. 

The Mini LS has wider, larger wheels. Unique for a car boot scooter, these special wheels offer optimum stability. 

Large batteries are also unique to this mobility scooter. Their powerful output will allow you to venture further for longer. As with all car boot scooters, the Mini LS’ top speed is a very comfortable 4mph.

We love this scooter for its transportability. Within 40 seconds the Kymco Mini LS can be completely dismantled, via a simple trigger mechanism. 

If you're limited on space, this scooter is the perfect fit. The Kymco Mini has a lightweight, compact frame. This means that once collapsed, it's super easy to store in a cupboard, car boot or even down a hallway. 

As with all Kymco’s scooters, style is at the forefront with the Mini LS. Pick from a dazzling array of metallic colours that will make you feel proud when out and about. 

Where to use it 

One of the huge benefits of hiring a car boot scooter is its transportability. This scooter can be collapsed and stored in a car, on a train or even on a plane. Take the Kymco Mini LS with you on a road trip, a weekend away, or even a holiday abroad. 

You can still travel far, even if you're staying local. The generous range on the Mini LS will let you travel the distance to friends or family who live further away.

Be mindful to have a full charge on your scooter batteries before you leave. This will avoid the rare, but very real risk of becoming stranded. See more advice on battery care here. 

8mph Scooter: Kymco Agility
From £17.95/week

Why we love it 

The Kymco Agility was made with social butterflies in mind. Perfect for cruising around town, this mobility scooter combines style, technology and comfort. 

The Kymco Agility is powerful, but practically designed. Agile in nature and surprisingly compact, this is a mobility scooter you'll want to drive all day long.  

Boasting a range of 25-miles, you can hit speeds of up to 8mph. This is the top threshold for speed across all mobility scooters. 

Even better, you're guaranteed a smooth ride with this scooter thanks to full front and rear suspension. 

Comfort is king with a padded, adjustable captain's seat. Look closer and you'll notice that the chair is upholstered in a breathable fabric to suit all climates. 

As a class 3 mobility scooter you can enjoy the typical features of a road-safe vehicle with the Kymco Agility. This scooter has all-around lights, horn, indicators, and dual mirrors. Drive with confidence, come day or night.

When you're ready to come off-road, enjoy a seamless transition onto the pavement. This scooter has a user controlled high/low button to make things easier for you. 

A modern LED display is just as user friendly. Speed, temperature, time and battery charge are clearly identified here. This will help you stay on top of your scooter’s performance. 

It wouldn't be a Kymco mobility scooter if it wasn't stylishly designed. The Agility features a sporty, two-tone design in a spectrum of glossy colours to suit every taste. 

Where to use it 

With the Kymco Agile you have the luxury of driving on and off road. If you live beyond urban areas, this is ideal for getting around in style and on time. 

If you live off the beaten track, this mobility scooter is brilliant at tackling bumpier terrains. Impressive ground clearance and superior suspension make the Agile the perfect companion on outdoor trails or coastal strolls. 
Whether it's day or night, safety is never compromised. Travel confidently thanks to low consumption, high quality LED lights.

Short journeys are equally efficient with this mobility scooter. The compact design of the Kymco Agility will make navigating tight corners and narrow aisles a fuss-free experience. 

See the difference between on-road and off-road rules here, as well as helpful driving tips here.  

All terrain Scooter: Kymco Maxi XLS
From £18.95/week 

Why we love it 

The Kymco Maxi XLS is one of our most popular scooters at Easy Pay Mobility. If you're looking for high performance, effortless manoeuvrability and a touch of class, then this scooter is for you. 

The Maxi XLS goes one step further, with premium features and a luxury finish. An excellent all-round mobility scooter, we can't recommend the Kymco Maxi XLS enough. 

Enjoy a sublimely smooth drive with the Maxi XLS. This scooter features all-round suspension that absorbs bumpy, uneven terrains. 

Large alloy wheels and a high weight capacity make this scooter durable, reliable and a great fit for almost every customer. 

Robust engineering and an impressive 4-inches of ground clearance allow you to drive this scooter almost anywhere. Even better, you can travel further for longer on an impressive range of up to 35miles on a single charge. 

As with all Kymco mobility scooters, a high level of care and personal customisation is apparent. The captain's seat is luxuriously wide and supremely comfortable. Your chair is fully adjustable and features a swivel mechanism for unrestricted mobility. 

Even better, the Maxi XLS’ delta tiller offers exceptional support and cushioning. This makes it great for those with a weak grip or arthritis. 

Metallic finishes give the Kymco Maxi XLS a sporty, modern appeal that any driver will feel proud to show off. 

Where to use it 

The superb driving features of this mobility scooter allow you to venture far beyond your front door. Whether you're a keen explorer, or simply love a scenic stroll, the Kymco Maxi XLS can take you there. 

High performing wheels provide stability and excellent traction. Experience a comfortable, luxurious drive, whether your journey takes place indoors or out. 

Though an all-terrain scooter, the Kymco Maxi XLS is surprisingly easy to manoeuvre. This makes it convenient when visiting larger shopping malls, supermarkets or public venues. 

Got plans from dawn to dusk? The Kymco Maxi XLS is capable of powering on thanks to large batteries that deliver an impressive range. Low consumption, high performance LED lights stay bright to keep you visible and safe at night. 

The class 3 specification of this mobility scooter permits you to use it on the road. Only dual carriageways are off limits. This is ideal if you live slightly out of reach of local amenities or family and friends. 

Need more advice on picking the right mobility scooter for you? Don’t hesitate to contact us here

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