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Saving Time With Mobility Scooters

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  • 22 April 2022

For many, reduced mobility can greatly slow down and even bring to a halt, everyday life. We know that mobility scooters can have transformative effects. Scooters can enhance overall comfort and efficiency in daily tasks and activities. When your body’s mobility is improved with a scooter, you can simply get more out of life.
Read on for the amazing time saving benefits that your Easy Pay Mobility scooter hire can bring.

Save Time With Your Scooter 

Move Faster 

If you have previously used other mobility aids, such as a walking stick or a frame, then you’ll immediately notice the difference when you transition to a mobility scooter. Improved speed and efficiency are some of the main advantages of hiring a mobility scooter. 

Here at Easy Pay Mobility, we offer customers a choice of speeds across a huge range of scooters. The most common options are 4mph and 8mph mobility scooters.

4mph scooters tend to be lightweight models that are easy to transport, such as a Kymco boot scooter. Though 4mph may sound slow, it's quicker than a walking human, so should not be underestimated! Using a 4mph scooter is ideal for quick, short journeys. Get your errands wrapped up and your do-to list ticked off in a jiffy with a 4mph scooter.
If speed is your thing, then upgrading to an 8mph mobility scooter is a fantastic, time-saving option. An 8mph scooter, such as the TGA Breeze, can be used on all roads except dual carriageways and motorways with speed limits over 50pmh, helping you to travel further for longer. Using a road-safe mobility scooter means you don’t have to wait around for a lift from friends and you can skip the hassle of booking a taxi. 

Independent Movement 

Reduced mobility can mean that everyday tasks take much longer than before. In some cases, you might have to avoid them all together and turn to family and friends for support. 

With a mobility scooter you can regain your independence and rely on others much less. Get back to daily tasks and enjoy your old pastimes without the stress and pressure of waiting around for friends and family. Manage your day your way and enjoy the satisfaction of a job well done at a speed not experienced for years.

Avoid Lengthy Paperwork 

With a mobility scooter, you don’t need a license and you don’t need to take a driving test. If you have good visibility and take care to follow the highway code, you’re good to go. 

If you have a class 3 mobility scooter, then you’ll be able to take your vehicle onto most roads. Class 3 scooters need to be registered with the DVLA, but here at Easy Pay Mobility we take care of this detail for you.
Avoid the time and stress that comes with picking the perfect insurance plan for your mobility scooter. All Easy Pay Mobility scooters include fully comprehensive insurance as standard. This means that accidents, repairs and theft are already covered when you sign up with us. See how it works here. 

Fuss-free Travel 

We can’t recommend car boot scooters enough for their fuss-free transportability. These collapsible models can be quickly packed down into one single unit that’s no bigger than a small suitcase. You’ll be off on your travels quicker than you can say ‘holiday’! 
If you’d prefer a scooter with a bit more power behind it, a lot of 4mph scooters are just as portable. You can easily disassemble these scooters in a matter of seconds ready to stash in your car or on public transport. 

Collapsible models are easy to lift and carry. Their small size means you won’t need to spend time or money renting a larger car to get you to your next destination. Read our top travel tips here. 

Weather-proof Mobility  

Mobility scooters are robust vehicles, built for rain, shine and everything in between. Don’t wait for the weather to improve to get outside and use your scooter. When the weather does take a turn for the worst, simply take a bit more care. Reduce your speed and use your lights to stay safe when out and about.

Some customers like to add weather-busting accessories to their scooters, such as waterproof covers and detachable umbrellas. These are cost-effective ways to keep you and your scooter dry and comfortable. 

Outdoor travel is possible 365-days a year for those who choose to invest in a waterproof canopy. These genius structures completely cover your mobility scooter and give the impression of being inside a soft-top car.

Nocturnal Charging 

When it comes to recharging your scooter, you can sleep on the job! Stay ahead of schedule by charging your scooter batteries overnight. Your charger will automatically switch off once your batteries reach a full charge – smart eh? 
Having an automatic ‘off’ switch means that you can wake up to a fully charged scooter that hasn’t overheated or run up a sky-high energy bill. This handy tip will save you time and effort the next day – simply get up and go!

Time Saving Tech

One of the most underrated features of a mobility scooter is its USB dock. This subtle little feature will save you time on a daily basis. 

Phone battery running low? Plug it in and charge on the go. Not sure which is the best way to get to your destination? Attach your GPS device to discover the most efficient route for a speedy arrival time. 

Modern Technology

Mobility scooters are extremely easy to operate and do not require a driving test before use. Simple, fuss-free user technology means that you can take your scooter out for a spin almost immediately after receiving it. 

Simply press go when you need to be on your way, thanks to easy steering and stop-start mechanisms. There’s no scrimping on safety features though, with inbuilt technology keeping you secure and comfortable on your way.  

We will always show you how to use your scooter when we first deliver it to you. After that we advise finding a large, quiet space to play around with different speeds and get to grips with steering and breaking. A little practice will boost your confidence and make your journeys safer and more enjoyable.