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How to save money on your mobility scooter

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  • 21 January 2022

We understand the vital role a mobility scooter can play in your life and the freedom of movement it brings. We also believe that independence shouldn’t come with a high price tag. As mobility scooter experts, we know all the ways that you can keep costs low. Our team have shared their top tips to help you get the most out of your mobility scooter rental. 


Our top money saving tips


Purse-friendly models


Mobility scooters have been revolutionised in recent years. Next generation technology and improved engineering mean that scooters now come in all shapes and sizes.


We offer an extensive range of mobility scooters across a range of payment options. This means that you can rent a high-quality vehicle at a purse-friendly price.


When it comes to choosing your model, being specific about what you need is essential to avoid any unnecessary costs. Scooter size, speed and distance range are the main factors to consider and will influence the total cost of your package. Here’s a little help:




An essential factor in picking the right scooter for you. The size of your mobility scooter will be important when it comes to journey types.


Larger models are great for on-road travel and varied terrains. Their robust design and high functionality are reflected in their hire fee. A TGA Breeze is regarded as one of the world's best mobility scooters. This scooter is perfect for those who don’t want to compromise on their overall experience.


Car boot mobility scooters are smaller and more nimble, perfect for shorter journeys on flat surfaces. A Kymco Mini is narrow in design and compact in size. This scooter is small enough to fit into even the tightest hatchback car and has an agile payment plan to match.




Our scooters come in two different speeds to accommodate a range of lifestyles. Our 4mph scooters are perfect for those needing a simple yet efficient pavement vehicle. Light in design but fast enough to offer decent pace, these scooters are ideal for getting from A to B. Need to walk the dog or pop to the supermarket? This is the speed for you.


For those who prefer to pick up the pace, we offer vehicles with top speeds of up to 8mph. These vehicles are perfect for off-road travel and zipping around your local town centre.




Consider the different trips you might make each day – lots of small journeys can top up your daily mileage. Ask our friendly staff about your model’s ‘maximum range’. This information lets you know how far you can travel before the scooter batteries need recharging.  


Larger mobility scooters have a greater battery capacity, allowing you to cover the extra distance and take longer journeys. Remember that scooter size is reflected in your payment plan. This is a handy tip to help you make a cost-effective decision.


Check out our huge range of mobility scooters here.


All-inclusive hire


All-inclusive scooter hire means that you’re always getting the best deal without any hidden fees. Every Easy Pay Mobility rental includes the below as standard for your peace of mind:


- Free nationwide delivery

- Compressive insurance

- All repairs + maintenance included

- 24hr breakdown recovery service


As part of our value offering, no deposit is required on any of our payment plans. This means that you’ll be saving money from the moment you sign up.


Flexible payment plans


We offer flexible payment plans to support your personal needs. For simplicity, we tend to base this on how long you’d like to hire a scooter for. You’ll find transparent fees for each mobility scooter listed on our website.


Our plans cover one, two or three year hire periods, and can be paid in weekly or monthly instalments. There are no hidden fees or surprises along the way – your plan is all-inclusive. The longer your rental period, the more money you can save on your mobility scooter.


Choosing the right hire period for you is simple - just tell us how long youd like to use your scooter for. Short-term rentals of up to one year are a fantastic option for those new to mobility scooters and supported mobility.


Long-term scooter use is very common amongst our customers. A rental period of up to three years is ideal for those who have chosen to make a scooter an essential part of their lives. This rental plan is also extremely cost effective, saving you time and money in the long run.


Battery charging


Our quick and clever battery chargers mean you don’t have to worry about sky-high electricity bills.


Get off to a great start with a perfectly powered mobility scooter. All our scooters arrive fully charged so you can get going on your daily travels. Our staff will provide you with a battery charger and will show you how to use it.


You wont need to worry about keeping an eye on the charger when in use, as it turns off automatically once fully powered. Charging is relatively quick, taking only 4-8hours depending on your battery size. Super-efficient, super easy.


A little care goes a long way


Keeping your mobility scooter in tip-top condition ensures it runs smoother for longer. These simple tricks will give your mobility scooter longevity that keeps costs low.


Regular cleaning. A quick wipe down after each use keeps your chair free of debris and dirt. No need for expensive cleaning materials - a warm, soapy cloth is just as effective.


Keeping your mobility scooter dry is key. This will avoid a build-up of rust that can play havoc with batteries and tyres. Shelter doesn’t need to cost the earth - a sheet of tarpaulin is not only cost-effective but ideal for keeping your scooter safe and dry.


Weekly checks on your tyre tread will help you catch a puncture before further damage can be done. Don’t forget to take advantage of our free maintenance support to get you back on the road in no time.


Keep batteries stronger for longer. If your scooter goes unused for a long time, be sure to give the batteries a little charge to keep them fired up. Keeping batteries charged will ensure a hassle-free journey upon your next use.