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Regain Independence With a Mobility Scooter

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  • 04 March 2022

If you haven’t already hired an Easy Pay Mobility scooter, you’ll be unaware of the incredible benefits it can bring. Walks with friends, last minute grocery trips, essential visits to the GP. From nice to necessary, so many more of your future plans can become possible with a mobility scooter.

With a mobility scooter you can connect with like-minded people, explore the UK or simply get around your home independently. If you needed any more convincing, simply read on.

Independent Living and Mobility Scooters


Socialising is integral to overall quality of life. We now know that staying socially active benefits both your physical and mental wellbeing. Maintaining relationships with loved ones is important for keeping spirits high and your mind sharp.

A mobility scooter allows you to meet up with old friends and new. This amazing vehicle lets you spend time away with family and be active in the local community. The freedom and movement that a scooter can bring allows you to experience life to the full.

Your mobility scooter helps you to regularly meet up with community groups, societies and clubs. Our customers use their scooters to stay socially active in a range of ways, including:

- Coffee mornings

- Arts & crafts groups

- Lawn bowls

- Choir groups

- Poetry club

- Lunch clubs & community cafes

- Chess & Scrabble clubs

- Cooking classes

- Computer skills classes

Rediscover Sports

A common mistake is to confuse scooter use with restricted movement. A mobility scooter is not a barrier to sports or exercise. Instead, it facilitates greater movement and enables access to physical activity.

Seated aerobic and weight training is an underrated way to improve your physical wellbeing. Stretches, lifts and twists can be very effective in maintaining flexibility and strength. Even better, these simple movements can be easily accomplished from the safety of your chair.

Adding small weights can further elevate your workout and contribute to greater physical health. Incorporating weights doesn’t necessarily mean investing in expensive gym apparatus. Even a can of beans or a water bottle can provide enough resistance to help you build strength and feel energized.

If you’d like to exercise with likeminded others, activity groups are a great way to enjoy sports. Inclusive classes are open to people of all abilities and include an exciting variety of sports and activities. These online or in person classes focus on gentle movements that are tailored to those with impaired movement. Face to face classes have the added benefit of social interaction and making new friends

Top tip: keep sport fun by keeping sport safe! Always speak to your GP before signing up to a new exercise class or sporting society.

Independent Travel

You can take advantage of wheelchair friendly access on all public transport vehicles. A growing number of services are now adapted to accommodate mobility scooters. From busses to trains and even boats, explore the UK from the comfort of your mobility scooter.

Lifts, level surfaces and ramps have been prioritised to ensure step-free access across the UK transport network. This means you can feel confident when making trips on your mobility scooter. It also encourages independence. Being able to make trips further afield on all modes of transport is empowering, allowing you to explore the world around you.  

Advanced scooter technology makes getting around hassle free. Car boot mobility scooters are brilliant travel buddies. Models such as the Pride GoGo Sport, Kymco Mini and Invacare Colibri are some of our favourites.

Car boot mobility scooters are designed with travel in mind. These lightweight machines can be quickly disassembled to fit into a car boot, or stored within designated spaces on public transport.

Top tip: use the specifications tab on our product pages to check your scooter battery potential and strength. This will help you to calculate how many miles you can go before you need to recharge.

Shopping & Culture

Did you know that all public buildings must have disabled access by law? This means that shopping malls and historical landmarks are open and accessible to all. Benefit from the movement that a mobility scooter can bring and indulge in a spot of retail therapy. 

Many retailers are equipped with accessible fitting rooms and toilets, wheelchair access and lifts. A huge majority of shopping malls and department stores also have their own wheelchair and scooter hire service. This is a great option if you’d prefer to keep your vehicle at home.

No need to miss out on being a culture-vulture just because you use a mobility scooter. Fantastic tourist destinations are now wheelchair friendly. London Zoo, the British Museum and even Cadbury’s World are accessible and can be enjoyed by all the family.

Top tip: check the website or call your favourite destinations pre-departure to ensure they have step free access or lifts. This will ensure a hassle free, enjoyable day out.

The Great Outdoors

Explore the amazing cities, shorelines and beautiful countryside that the UK has to offer with your mobility scooter. At Easy Pay Mobility we offer a wide variety of models suited to every terrain. An assortment of sizes, power and specifications allow everyone to enjoy a little bit of adventure. 

For off-road backdrops such as natural fields and stony pathways, the TGA Supersport is the vehicle of choice. This 8mph mobility scooter is built for tackling even the trickiest of terrains in all weather conditions.

For those more accustomed to a stroll along the pier, the capable and extremely nimble Pride Colt Deluxe is just the ticket. This 6mph mobility scooter is pavement friendly and benefits from a cup holder, LED lights and a USB port. The USB port is an ideal travelling companion as it’s capable of charging your phone and servicing a Satnav. Perfect for when you want to explore further afield.

Prefer to enjoy the local scenery? Experience the great outdoors a lot closer to home with a mobility scooter. All Easy Pay Mobility scooters are fitted with either pneumatic (air-filled) or solid tyres. These are both strong and durable options for home and community garden pathways.

Top tip: don’t let the unpredictable British weather get in the way of your day out. Be rain-ready with a waterproof cover to keep you dry and warm, no matter what the forecast predicts!

Read more about the amazing ways you can regain your independence with a mobility scooter, by reading our customer’s stories on Trustpilot.