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5 superpowers of mobility scooters

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  • 18 March 2022

At Easy Pay Mobility we may be a bit biased, but we think that mobility scooters are absolutely amazing. These hardworking machines enhance mobility bringing freedom, opportunity and adventure. In short, they can help you to get the most out of life. 

Mobility Scooter Superpowers!

1.    Conquer loneliness

It’s becoming increasingly evident that social connection is a fundamental cornerstone of health and longevity. Building and maintaining a social network can combat loneliness. It can also boost your mood and keep your mind sharp. 

A mobility scooter can be your link to the outside world. It can physically connect you to your various clubs and societies. Through supported movement, you can connect with friends old and new and enjoy precious family time. 

A mobility scooter allows you to physically get out there and create meaningful relationships with others. It can give you the freedom to establish new connections and boost your overall wellbeing. 

2.    Restore power and movement 

A mobility scooter can be an extension of our own bodies. It enables us to get from A to B, move freely around our homes and reach destinations further afield. 

Your daily routine can be made much easier with the support of a mobility scooter. Hanging out the washing, visiting the GP, popping down to the shops. These are simple activities that can become a burden if your mobility becomes impaired. 

With a mobility scooter, even the least desirable of chores can be maintained. A scooter can also add speed to your tasks, helping you tick them off your list quicker. This means you can get back to more enjoyable activities sooner! 

Did you know that keeping fit and active is super easy with a mobility scooter? Sports and exercise can still be enjoyed from the comfort of your seat. Many sports can be adapted for scooter users, such as golf and yoga. Even the most basic exercise routine can improve your physical and mental health. Simple upper body movements take a matter of minutes, but the results can have positive, lasting effects. 

3.    Ignite confidence and independence

Enjoying movement again can really boost your confidence. Knowing that you can pop to the shops or meet up with friends whenever you want will give you a new lease of life. 

All Easy Pay Mobility scooters are delivered direct to your home for free. Our knowledgeable staff will show you how to use your scooter and talk you through all the essentials. We make sure you’re comfortable and confident on your scooter before we send you on your way. 

Mobility scooters will also bring you a sense of independence. A scooter allows you to rely on others much less and feel a sense of pride in your daily life. You’ll notice a reduced dependence on others for trips out or help around the house. 

You’ll also be less likely to worry about travelling longer distances alone. If breathlessness from walking has previously held you back, a mobility scooter can restore peace of mind. A scooter also removes the worry of finding a spot to rest and catch your breath when you’re out and about.

4.    Inspire adventure 

The biggest mistake that mobility scooter users make is associating the use of their vehicle with restriction. See your scooter as the key to your future adventures, no matter what size or speed you have. 

Most Easy Pay Mobility scooters are made to tackle the elements. Our scooters boast durable materials, efficient componentry and user-friendly specifications. You can explore the world beyond your doorstep and enjoy the great outdoors, even if it’s just long the local pavements. 

Become a tourist for the day with a mobility scooter. Many of our scooters are easily disassembled to fit into the smallest of car boots or train luggage compartments. Buses and tubes have designated space onboard for those with assisted mobility. Even better, transport staff tend to be quick to make use of ramps and direct you to lifts when needed. 

As well as wheelchair friendly transport, many public spaces are super accessible with a mobility scooter. This includes museums, parks and historic landmarks all over the UK. See our pick of the top UK attractions that are scooter friendly here. 

5.    Overcoming fear and pain 

Pain can become debilitating and prevent you from carrying out even the smallest of tasks. Doing the washing up or taking a walk with friends can be abandoned when it all gets too much. We understand how important a mobility scooter can be to help you manage your pain and continue with daily life. 

Scooters can reduce pressure and strain on your body by offering rest and respite. Time is precious, but a mobility scooter can help you pick up the pace and even add a little speed when required. Twists and turns are a breeze with a scooter, which offers flexible, agile movement. 

Other mobility aids, such as walking sticks, can be a great support but do not protect you from the risk of falling. Simply transitioning to a mobility scooter is one of the easiest ways to address this scary but common incident. 

Mobility scooters feature modern engineering and innovative design. Sturdy, resilient tyres ensure you stay safe on your scooter. Controlled steering means that you can stay on the straight and narrow and avoid sudden turns or scary jolts. 

Mobility scooters are built to keep you safe on your travels, giving you and your loved one’s priceless peace of mind. We’ve previously asked our experts to give us even more safety tips, read all about them here. 

Mobility scooters aren’t short of superpowers, read more about their amazing benefits here. 

But don’t just take our word for it, read hundreds of honest reviews from our happy customers here. 

Disclaimer: consult with your GP or healthcare provider before embarking on any new sports or exercise activities.