What Can I Do On My Scooter!

With constant new health and safety regulations these Days it’s hard to know what you can and cant do when using your mobility scooter.

So we thought we would give you a list of what you can and cant get away with on the streets!

What Can I Do?

Using the pavements is perfectly legal and should be encouraged at all times as this is much safer than using the roads. However there is a maximum speed limit   of 4mph on the pavements.

If you own an 8mph mobility scooter then it IS legal to drive on the road. Just take special care and try stick to the left as much as possible

Car parking spaces are available to mobility scooters and usual disabled badge parking is valid if clearly displayed on your machine

Use in shops and supermarkets is permitted and often encouraged.

Leaving your scooter parked outside a shop is fine so long as you always remove the key!

You do have rite of way at junctions and roundabouts as normal road rules apply to you and your scooter. However do be careful as many people will not be aware of this.

What Can’t I Do?

 You cant use your scooter on the road if it does not have a top speed of 4mph, however sometimes you may have no choice so in these instances it is permitted so long as you return to the pavement when safe to do so.

 If your scooter does not have lights or a hooter you must not use it at night.

Travelling faster than 4mph on the pavement is not permitted.

 Your Scooter cannot be used on Motorways (this one is obvious!)

 Parking your scooter on yellow lines and restricted areas is not permitted as usual parking rules apply.

We hope this has cleared up some of the confusion around the new rules and regulations when using your mobility scooter. It can be so frustrating when road users do not respect your rights on the roads, after all they respect push bike users so why not mobility scooters? So next time you find yourself in an argument with a road user or pedestrian you will know exactly where you stand!