How to use your Scooter this winter

With the weather turning colder and wetter in the past couple of weeks, it has become clear that winter is now fully set upon us. With last winter being mild but extremely wet, conditions for Mobility Scooter users was not ideal. Here at Easy pay mobility we have put together our top tips for all weather conditions this winter.

 Rain- Wet conditions mixed with mud and leaves on the road can make the surface extremely slippery, so make sure that the tread on your scooters wheels are not too worn.

Ice- Ice can be extremely hard to see at times especially black ice, so when the temperature plummets below zero and you really have to leave the safety and warmth of your home for essential shopping items that you make sure you stick to routes that avoid steep hills or cambers. 

 Snow- Not only is snow dangerous due to extremely low temperatures but your scooter can also get stuck in snow no deeper than 4 inches. Our advice is you wrap up warm, particularly your hands, feet and head, and that you only leave your home if you really have to. Avoid steep hills and always make sure you check weather forecasts before leaving your home.

 Bitter Winds- The temperature may be 4 or 5 degrees but throw a strong wind into the mix and those temperatures start to feel more like -2 degrees. When the wind starts to pick up its important that you wrap up warm making sure you wear a pair of gloves and a wooly hat, and even your beloved christmas jumper. If your scooter is equipped with a canopy then make sure you do not go out in strong winds. 

If you follow our winter tips you should be able to enjoy your scooter safely over the winter.