Harley Davidson Fanatic Finds His Dream Scooter

 When Geoff Dickson was told he needed a mobility scooter he thought his love for riding his Harley Davidson was over. How wrong he was... 

Geoff, who is 64 from Somerset, walked into the mobility showroom with three key requirements for his scooter:

1. He wanted a scooter that would travel on and off road and be capable on all terrains 

2. He wanted a scooter with a driving range of 30 miles 


3. He wanted a scooter that looked like a Harley Davidson!!

Unbelievably Geoff found a scooter that ticked all three of his requirements, take a look at the video below.

The Drive Sport Rider Mobility Scooter is renowned for its stylish appearance and is one of the most popular scooters worldwide. It was the first mobility scooter designed using actual motorcycle technology, taking parts directly from motorcycles such as it's front forks and digital display. 

Heavy duty suspension with telescopic motorcycle shocks at the front and double rear shock absorber make the Drive Sport Rider one of the most comfortable and forgiving scooters over rough terrain.

Click the link if you want to learn more about the Drive Sport Rider Mobility Scooter we have available for rent!