EasyPayMobility Guide To - Checking Reviews Online

Have you ever had a bad experience from shopping online?
Do you know of anyone that has had a bad experience?
Has this experience scared you from buying again?

If you're not careful then shopping online can unpredictable and risky! When you buy online you are forced to pay the full amount for the product and hope that the company you have bought it from are legitimate and don't run off if your money. A high percentage of online businesses are trustworthy and will provide you with a good service however you just have to make sure you do the right research first! 

During this blog we will take a look at the most popular website for customer reviews and hope to build your detective skills for your next online shopping experience! 


Founded in 2010 by Managing Director Callum McKeefery and Sales Director Nikki Albano Reviews.co.uk has become one of the leading websites for company reviews in the UK. It's easy to navigate website and simple 5 star rating system means people of all internet experience can find the information they are searching for. Reviews.co.uk offers customers the chance to rate their expeirences from 1 star (being the slowest rating) to 5 stars (being the highest rating). Along with the rating, customers can also write about their experience and post it for everyone else to see. 

If you are thinking about purchasing a product from an online business then you need to check their reviews on Reviews.co.uk first! Read through the comments made by customers and you will soon make your mind up if you want to go ahead with the buy.

If you are reading this blog because you have come to our website and are thinking about buying a Mobility Scooter then take the time to read through our reviews. Follow the link below.


Our aim at Easy Pay Mobility is to provide all of our customers outstanding support throughout their purchasing process and help them to choose the perfect scooter for their individual needs. We take pride in the ratings that our customers have published on our reviews page and hope this shows that we always put the customer first.  

Conclusion -

Remember to always do your research before making a purchase online. Read as many reviews as you can so you can be confident that the company you are dealing with are trustworthy and you will recieve the product you are hoping for! Finally, always try to get contact names and numbers! If anything goes wrong then you have an immediate point of contact.

Good luck and happy shopping!