Choosing The Right Mobility Scooter For You

With over 200 different makes and models of mobility scooters in the world and over 75 different models on Easy Pay Mobility alone it can be very daunting when selecting the right scooter. Knowing what type of scooter will best suit your individual wants and needs will make a world of difference to your quality of life and long term comfort.

We have put together different user categories and selected the scooters we feel would best fit each category. Choose the category that best suits your needs and browse the scooters recommended for you.

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• All Terrain Heavy Duty Mobility Scooters

For use on extreme terrain, rough terrain and roads, for those who will be travelling over mud, bumpy wooded areas and sand. Good for people wanting to travel distances over 18 miles and steep hills.

The Scooters = TGA Breeze S4, Pride Colt Executive, TGA Supersport

Best for leg room = TGA Breeze S4

Best for longer distance use = Pride Colt Executive

Best for heavy users = TGA Breeze S4

Best for lighter users = TGA Supersport

Easiest to manoeuver = TGA Supersport

• Light Terrain Long Distance Mobility Scooters

For use on terrain like gravel, grass, bumpy paths, roads, pavements and hills. Able to travel over 15 mile distances.

The Scooters = Kymco Maxi XLS, TGA Vita, TGA Mystere

These scooters all travel 8mph (so that your not travelling all day!!) have front and rear suspension for the rough terrain and large batteries capable of travelling long distances on a single charge. All 3 scooters are not overwhelmingly large making them usable around towns and pedestrian areas.

Best for leg room = Kymco Maxi XLS

Best for longer distance use = TGA Vita

Best for heavy users = Kymco Maxi XLS

Best for Lighter users = TGA Mystere

Easiest to maneuver = TGA Mystere

• Short Distance Travel Mobility Scooters

For use on pavements and shopping areas with pedestrians. Able to travel up to 12 miles.

The Scooters = Pride Colt 9, TGA Sonet, Pride Colt Plus

These scooters are all 4 mph pavement legal scooters ideal for use around local towns. All are extremely agile and have good turning circles allowing you to maneuver easily around people and in shops. All have front suspension for your comfort over bumpy pavements.

Best for leg room = TGA Sonet

Best for longer distance use = Pride Colt Plus

Best for heavy users = TGA Sonet

Best for Lighter users = Pride Colt 9

Easiest to maneuver = Pride Colt 9

• Car Transportable Mobility Scooters

For those looking to maintain their mobility on holidays and trips. These scooters are also ideal for use at tourist attractions and shopping locations.

The Scooters = Pride Go-Go Elite Traveller, TGA Eclipse, Sterling Little Gem

Best for leg room = Sterling Little Gem

Best for longer distance use = Pride Go-Go Elite Traveller

Best for Heavy users = TGA Eclipse

Best for lighter users = TGA Eclipse

Easiest to manoeuvre = Pride Go-Go Elite Traveller